The Invisible border

17 Nov

After I called someone from the radio station in kkkanada, the lads house whom I was staying at’s phone magically stopped working, as i was trying to send over some broadcasts about live in the ardoyne, the troubles, the murder triangle and the loyalist paras that haven’t gone away. Needing to get into contact with those back home and have some sort of broadcasts to put on the air, I borrowed some friends lap top, and of course we couldn’t hook it up to the wireless modem. So my friend calls the technician and after hours and hours of everything including resetting the wireless password and all that nothing happened. In kkkananda at crucial moments of time when important political work has to be done i go to my dads to use his long distance etc and the same thing happened s to me and sitting in the room seeing that lad freak out on the phone and such I really felt like i was visiting my dads and the same thing was happening, the only difference is that of course my friend was not yelling about six ingraitful kids and all, but pretty much it was the same craic.

We realize nothing can be done so we start watching the football matches and all and of course im glad that Romania beat the North of Ireland, and we are having a craic joking and what not but then the discussion as always gets serious and we discuss the guilded cage of the Occupied Six Counties, where you dont know of the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop is mI5, or where all the camera store all the license plates that go everywhere and where there is no need to celebrate the taking down of the towers as they have more sophisticated technology that need not be that visible.
The Big British Brother hasn’t gone away you know he is just smarter and smiles while his boot is on your neck.

Its kinda like the outer limits where they will control all that you hear and see, and if you try to put forward a different view, maybe your phone will magically not work, or there will be internet problems that are explainable, and if you persist maybe you get a wee knock on your door as some people would like to have a chat with you, and if that doesnt work of course, their is the option of being treated like Price Corey The Craigavon Two etc.

Meanwhile  on RTE and if they are not talking about who is kissing who and what not they will ram down your throat the barbarity of Putin or what not, ignoring there own barbarity and climate of fear of course it comes like all things delivered by british colnialism with a mile, and just like there teas two or more lumps


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