Ohh its hard to speak your mind boys……in the promised land!!!

20 Nov

So i entered Dublin Airport, checked in my bags and what not, grabbed myself a triple americano and chained smoked three ciggys, I went on facebook, then started to go through customs, after going through a few places I ended up at US pre clearing, they ran my passport and told me to enter a room, there were three people other then me in there and they seemed to be getting through despite them having records or what not, so I felt grand, then I saw them bring in my luggage and mention a section of the code, which later turns out to be very relevant.

They called my name, and asked what I was doing in Ireland, to which I replied chatting with friends and having a craic, to which they asked if i have ever been arrested, to which I answered truthfully, they asked about the chocolate milk and conspiracy stuff then told me that I was denied entry under this section, which is not about criminal records but something much more insidious.

I asked for my luggage at that point and to get out but they told me that I was on U$ soil and as such homeland security was detaining me for questioning. I asked to call a lawyer but was denied this right. They put me in a wee little room, took my finger prints and mugshot. After that the lad said he was with homeland security and started to ask me various questions, all of which I answered no comment, except to state that this was political and I also gave a cheecky answer at some point in time. For the majority of this time I was denied the right to use the washroom except once , before the interrogation. They kept up ripping up the questions and asked them again, and though I was looking bored, as one should, I was like fuck, no one knows i’m here everyone thinks im flying back home, they can through me away and none would be wiser. Tghis little charade went on for quite some time, after which they were finally satisfied with boring me by asking the same stuff over and over.

Homeland security then began to go through my luggage photocopying and photographing everything, including my perscriptions medical history bus tickets etc. When they came to glasswork of Stalin that was given to me the guys face turned run and I couldn’t help but start laughing. They asked me then about why I have some of the tablets I have and the one guy was like let me guess no comment, to which I continued to try to hide a shit eating grin. After this they said I could either withdraw my request to enter or there would be more. Given the shitty conditions in which i was held and the fact that no one knew I was there I decided to withdraw the application, as the alternative would have been detention by homeland security for much longer, possibly even to bring me in front of an american judge (if it works the same there as here).

I was then handed over to the Irish immigration, which stated that I have two days to leave and sort out a way back home. They took my picture and released me. After this I looked at my passport and they wrote some wierd code which i still haven’t figured out what it means.

Given the way I was treated as soon as they ran my passport and such it became clear to me that this detention was not only political but a continuation of the attempts to get the truth out about what is going on in the Six Counties. This attempt has backfired on them as I spent the nioght chatting with community members from sword about the craic with the water etc. I will be writing all I learned over the next few days and resist this attempt to criminalize politics and silence the truth

One Response to “Ohh its hard to speak your mind boys……in the promised land!!!”

  1. Michael November 20, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    I was also hassled here in Toronto while returning from Cuba this past Summer, taken into a secondary screening where my cameras were gone through picture by picture, and my belongings were picked apart. It was interesting that the screener was very strongly Anti-Cuban and couldn’t seem to understand why I would want to visit there. They are clearly targeting people who are daring to speak out against the injust system from which their masters are drawing their wealth.

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