Swords Says No

24 Nov

AFter I got held by homeland security and then handed over and released to Irish Immigration, I did what anyone would do who has been held that long, rolled myself a cigarette grabbed a triple americano and headed to FB. It became clear to me due various random reason that I should get out of the airport despite the fact i put five euros in the fb machine. I hooked up with a comrade in Swords on fb, grabbed another coffee for the road and jumped into a cab to met this lad at his friends, where i was greeted with more coffee and smokes.

Those of you who have been lifted with me in the past know I am the most boring person inside but am as wired as a fox on twelve americanos when i get out, as I always tell myself in the back of my head that it’s too good to be true and any moment they will come back. This wee lad took full advantage of that one moment telling me to be calm and all will sort itself out and whenever I would go to can would kick on the door saying he was Guardia or PSNI or some other pigs giving me a heart attack only to crack up laughing at my reaction.

We headed to his house and his children were running all over the place having a great time speaking spanish and playing with my luggage. It was quite endearing and sweet to see them so happy counting in Irish and what not playing video games and such.

After the kids went to bed he called a friend over and after a bit more coffee and quite a few more smokes we started to chat serious politics. I show him my paper work and after we curse out the fuckers joking and what not we start talking about austerity imposed by the IMF and sanctioned by the free state. Both of my comrades were telling me the history of the housing estate, how one in every four homes is in two years arrears, the theft of the wealth by the bankers and how people are totally fed up. The current flash point around this being the water meters. For those of you that don’t know the current free state government is trying to extort the people of Ireland further to pay for the bailouts by taxing the one thing that all people need, WATER. The idea is that they will install these meters and tax people for the water that they consume despite the fact that the Irish people are already taxed for this and other services to the brim. The people of Ireland on mass are saying FUCK NO to this. Now when say people Im not talking about the SWP, or WSM or the alphabet soup that calls itself the left, Im talking about mothers and grandmothers and people who have never been to a protest in their life saying no they will refuse to pay. People who may not have the proper lingo and such but know that they are getting screwed over and understand that Peirce and Connelly did not die for this.

As we start looking at videos of these and I hear more it is quite clear that there is no way that the government will last until Christmas and if it does it will definitely putter until Easter when it will collapse and the ruling partys will go where they belong in the dust bins of history.

We chat some more and the more we talk the more clear it becomes that what the Free state has on its hands is a mass movement of ordinary people who are willing to engage in acts of civil disobedience because they are sick of being fleeced. With Christmas right around the corner and bills coming in, it was explained to me the contradictions will only intensify.

We eventually go to bed and as always I am having a hard time getting to sleep, revolution is in the air and all I can think is that Homeland security did me a favour keeping me one more day on the Emerald Isle and letting me see the cracks that will eventually lead to the demise of the free state


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