What is Conestoga College Trying To Hide #JFTC2

25 Nov

Today at 9 am I was to speak at Conestoga College to a group of students about my activism. My one request was that beside myself a speaker from The North Of Ireland was to accompany me and speak(via phone) about the situation over there particularly about the case of the Craigavon Two. This was approved by the Prof. et al and a recording of myself and Packy Carty was made and played for the students. Today Angela Nelson a councilor from Lisburn, Belfast was suppose to join me and bring up the facts of this case. After being rung and told to show up one hour early I arrived at the campus to find out that this was not to be as a decision was taken at the highest level to not allow this to happened.

This decision is clearly an attempt to stop students from learning the reality of what is going on in the Occupied Six Counties, particularly around the case of the Craigavon Two which is a clear cut miscarriage of justice aimed to criminalize and demonize all those who would seek to engage in political discussion about an end to the Occupation. Why is Conestoga College, a place of learning co-towing to those who seek to stop the exchange of opinions and information? Why are they bowing down to those who seek to censor information from reaching the students whom they are suppose to be educating? Why is the only opinion that is allowed to reach the people of this territory the pro occupation home rule opinion. What is so dangerous about letting the students know that internment and miscarriage of justices are still happening in the occupied Six Counties? All students who have been denied this opportunity should be outraged that the powers that be feel that they should be spoon fed information and told what to hear and what not to hear. Colleges and universities should be places of learning not censorship and what happened this morning is a clear example of the later.

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