Thoughts on the demo in solidarity with Ferguson today

28 Nov

i could write about the demonstration or the speakers or the march or the die in in front of the courthouse. I could my thoughts on the significance of the action or the two stupid racists that were harassing people. Instead im going to write about idealists and negative impact they have on the movement. Idealists see the world as they think it should be, they negate the reality as it presents itself and instead feel that THEIR ideas and world view is what the issue is. By doing this they ignore the material conditions that they confront and by doing this create this bubble of alienation where they have no idea what the story real is. This sort of worldview allows them to hold on to their privileged and hold onto whatever illusions they have because they see the world as they think it should be as opposed to what it is and by doing this are negating the experiences and reality’s of those who are forced to deal with things as are not as they should be. The reality is that cops shoot people and kill them, this is based on the racist system that we live in this system empowers people who benefit from this and n o matter of shock or white guilt or ohhh my god is going to change this. Until the material conditions that allow white supremacy to thrive change there will be many more deaths and no amount of refusing to see things as they are will change this. In other words the real block to change are not those who are actively perpetrating racist genocide as much as those who choose to be blind and ignore it so that they may not rock the boat or lose the privileged. The good germans who stood outside the gate of auschwitz and said nothing because the material conditions of the nazi genocide did not fit into there world outlook and did not have time to think so called negative thoughts


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