Report on Nosie Demo yesterday at GVI Female pen

4 Dec

Yesterday amidst a cloud of orange smoke a group of people held a noise demo outside of GVI Federal Jail. Firecrackers and other such things were ignited, music was blared and a short speech was given. This was greeted with cheers from the inmates and the anger of  screws that were pissed off.

This Demo was not held for the sake of pissing of screws or any juvenile reason but rather a targeted political protest aimed at an institution that killed Ashley Smith by isolation, is currently incarcerating Nikki Kysche and is continuing the form of torture known as isolation. It was at this institution that the screws sat by and watched Ashley take her own life while they did nothing. It is this institution that participated and implemented the torture that led to her death.

As protestors were leaving police came and protestors heard the whines of the screws demanding that they arrested the protestors. The police attempted to intimidate protestors but were silent when it turned out that protestors knew there rights. In fact the police seemed obsessed with the address of one protestors whom the group chose to give his name and such to avoid harassment of the whole group demanding to know if he lived in Kitchener or Toronto and threatened to charge him if he was lieing. The police then threatened to mail trespass notices to both of his houses and addresses, as if this protestor can afford owning one house, much less two.

It was a good thing that inmates spirits were lifted and the non violent political targeting of this institution will continue.




One Response to “Report on Nosie Demo yesterday at GVI Female pen”

  1. Al. December 6, 2014 at 10:14 am #

    Good thing you are informed about Ashley ,I betchu they knew that she will commit suicide. Premeditation??!!!.I need your help when you succeed at that lawsuit .Set up a hear me by then..

    Bafta.Lots of Bafta my funny cousin.

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