Result of Survey on What is needed in Downtown Kitchener to engage people and combat the drug problem

10 Dec

This survey which will be presented tomorrow at our event was completed by 100 people in the Downtown Community. We feel that the results of this survey reflect what is needed and what is missing in the downtown community. As such we call on people and social services in the core to assist us in taking this information and using it to solve the problems that the downtown community is facing

1. What kind of activities are you interested in doing?
-Music (guitar lessons, drumming and turn tables)
-social networking
-sober events
-educational events
-telling stories through social media
-Alternative media and making our voices heard.

2. What sort of activities are missing from The Down Town

Community Centre that you would like to see?

-workshops that educate people on what there rights are in regards to police.
-Information on CAS
-Access to lawyers to help people with legal problems
-access to tenant rights and advocacy
-Advocacy for OW ODSP
-Outdoors activities (canoeing, camping)
-Alternative media (Radio, Article writing etc.)
-Shows that are free

3. What services in regards of health, sexuality and addiction would

you use that are not currently available?

-Jail visits for loved ones
-peer support for those suffering from addictions (non judgemental)
-access to drug testing kits
-workshops on safe drug use
-access to vitamins
-hygiene products
-information on safe sex for non straight lifestyles

4. What are some of the issues with current drop-in’s in Kitchener?
-People have no say in how they are run
-no say in programing
-pro police

5. If there was a new drop-in opening up, what would you like to see?
-Users being able to have a say
-users to be engaged in helping to create programing
-information on legal issues from landlords to CAS
-Music lessons
-access to alternative media
-place to just chill

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