Report on Public meeting to solve the drug problem and create alternatives

11 Dec

Today a broad and diverse group of people met to discuss the drug problem in Kitchener and how to create alternatives. The meeting started with a speech from a local organizer then Gary Donnelly from the Creggan Community Collective attempted to speak. Due to technical issues he could not be heard despite various forms of improve including putting the phone in a cup. The meeting continued and he sent a message that was read later.

The discussion, which got de railed at times, focused around the results of the survey that was released yesterday. From the discussion it became clear that the results fell under three categories one alternative sober activities to keep youth off of drugs, two information and legal assistance to defend peoples basic rights and three input from people so that they can have a say in identifying the problems that they are facing and come up with solutions.

This final point is key as in it demonstrates the need for the people themselves to be the decision makers and not just pawns in the ruling classes power plays.

The meeting then had people talk about there experience with addictions and such and one woman spoke about how the spot has saved her life in the past making the necessity of such survival programs known. At this point in time there was discussion about inviting PAVIS to participate which opened the floor to read the msg from Gary Donnelly and discuss what the CCC is and its significance as a model and the need to deepen our understanding of this model and its significance.

This led to the discussion of the need of the any community space to be truly run by the community and be independent of any outside body that has its own agenda as well as a place where everyone in community feels safe. It was agreed that this work would continue and another meeting will be held on Jan. 7th to consolidate this and have a clear agenda on how to move forward. The attendance was also very good demonstrating the communities desire to solve this issue.

Speech By Gary Donnelly

Creggan Community Collective is a community development group based in the Creggan estate, Derry, we aim to tackle social issues that affect the people of Creggan, especially those issues that others turn a blind eye to. We also aim to network widely and be supportive of other communities to develop their own models of empowerment.

The Creggan Community Collective developed from a series of public meetings in the Creggan area following an ongoing campaign of harassment against local residents and their children by the PSNI.
As a result of these meetings it was obvious there was a deep sense of community anger and frustration at the lack of response from community leaders regarding this issue.

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