Abdul Jabbar Khan VS The Law Society of Upper Canada

12 Dec

On January 19th Abdul Khan Jabbar is going in front of the courts to demand justice from the law society that he claims has ruined his life.His claim in front of the court is quite interesting particularly because the main claim that he is making is that the law society of upper Canada has violated Pakistan’s national sovereignty through the act of falsely claiming that the Pakistani consulate is untrustworthy due to the fact that Pakistan is a terrorist state, as well as the fact that the law society misplaced a diplomatic bag receipt.

For those of you unfamiliar with Khans case Khan was stripped of his paralegal license as a result of an investigation into why he did not return a retainer. Khan claimed that the money was sent to pakistan to outsource his work. In the course of this, Khan claims that information he provided to the law society was dismissed due to the fact that the investigator claimed that Pakistan is a terrorist state and as such any documentation from the Pakistani Consulate is untrustworthy. Furthermore the fact that Khan’s background is Pakistani must mean that his dealings with the Pakistani consulate must be shady. In the course of this Diplomatic norms were violated and a diplomatic pouch receipt went missing.

On January 19th Khan will go in front of a judge and demand that the law society take responsibility for the violation of international and diplomatic norms committed by its members, particularly for accusing the Pakistani state of a being a terrorist nation due to the investigators own prejudice and the loss of a diplomatic pouch receipt demonstrating their lack of concern for diplomatic norms when it comes to non white developing nations.

The outcome of this case is quite important due to the significance of the claims. Will the court system uphold justice and demand that the Law Society take responsibility for the racist and reckless behaviour of its members or will it side with the law society and give the impression that breaking diplomatic norms are ok especially if the nation involved is a non white nation. Will it the courts uphold international law or will they side with an organization whose member use racist slander. Will the courts say that it is ok for people in positions of power recklessly throw words like terrorist around when dealing with other nations or will the courts uphold equal dealings between nations based on mutual respect. Whatever happens it will definitely be interesting.

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