A Jury Of Millions Freed The Cuban Five, Let Us Continue The Struggle To Free ALL Prisoners of Imperialism

17 Dec

Today the Cuban people and the people of the world woke up to find out that the remaining three imprisoned Cuban Five have been released and that their is going to be an announcement in several hours of the normalization of U$ and Cuban Relationships.

This announcement is the result of the hard work of the Cuban people and international supporters who have campaigned on the above mentioned issues for countless years, 16 years in terms of The Cuban Five and over Five decades in terms of the blockade.

This victory for the people of Cuba and the peoples world demonstrates the correctness of Che Guevara’s Statement let us be practical and achieve the impossible, in other words mobalize the people to fight for what is right and just despite the obstacles that one faces no matter how intense they seem.

Those in the camp opposing imperialism and colonialism should not see this victory as simply a cause for celebration but rather a call to intensify the struggle for the release of all political prisoners and POWS locked in the belly of the beast. From The Craigavon 2 to Mumia Abu Jamal the struggle to free the prisoners of the empire must continue until they are all released and the cause of their imprisonment colonialism and imperialism is dismantled and removed. This victory which may seem impossible is the only practical step that we must take. By mobilizing the people the jury of millions that freed the Cuban Five will also free all the POWS!!!!


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