Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization Christmas Dinner a success

23 Dec

Today The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization hosted its first event, a Christmas dinner. The event began with an introduction to what the group is and its goals and objectives, which is a community organization which aims to serve the needs of the community by bringing together the youth and elderly to exchange experiences, educate and mobalize to create alternatives.

Next a speaker explained who Alan Ryan is and why the organization chose to name themselves after him. Particular attention was paid to the work he has done to deal with the drug problem in his community, as well as the work that he has done in the community despite constant attacks by the state to demonize him and the role that they played in ending his life and this was followed by a discussion on the present situation in Ireland as well as the social problems within Kitchener.

The event continued with a speaker from Cuba discussing the significance of the normalization of US Cuba relations as well as her experience living under Batista and resisting and her life during the early days of the revolution.

After more discussion on everything from local community issues, people discussed te importance of building bridges and links between the elderly and youth , two groups of people who are totally marginalized by the present situation and the need for such events where elderly people who are excluded from political and social life are given the respect that they deserve as well as a say in how things are. It was agreed that events such as this will be hosted by the Alan Ryan Peoples Organization will be hosted once a month at 74 church street a low income home for the elderly.

The event ended with salsa and rumba dancing and people left with high spirits and a sense of accomplishment


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