Agenda for Jan. 6th meeting about creating alternatives for dealing with the drugs problem

25 Dec


– History of the Spot and how it was organized
– Creggan Community Collective Model
o Message from Gary Donnelly on situation in Derry
– The need for political independence and the view on PAVIS.
o To give youth power, we can’t have the state set the agenda and define boundaries
o For our drop in centre, to meet the needs of the youth, we must be able to address all issues in a manner in which people feel comfortable identifying problems and coming up with solutions. Given that in the past, the police have played a role in social cleansing and criminalizing of political thought, we feel it is very important that for the safety and political independence of the space, that the police have no involvement. In dealing with issues, organizers will address problems as they arise. If these problems are of a serious nature, then a tribunal will be called made up of everyone who participates and uses the space where all issues will be discussed and everyone involved will help come up with a resolution that is beneficial to all. We reject PAVIS as it is a counter-insurgency model adopted from the PSNI in Northern Ireland. We feel that the treatment of racialized and marginalized people as insurgents goes contrary to our core values. Given all that is coming up now about the PSNI model being a tool to crush people’s just aspirations—why would we want to adopt this failed model here?
– We recognize that the drug problem is an international problem aimed at decimating communities internationally that are trying to fight for independence and self-determination and as such our approach will be an internationalist approach. Whereby we will support and learn from these communities.
– This space will aim to combat racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia as these issues divide poor people. We recognize that everyone is affected by this and we will take that into account when dealing with any issues that may arise.
– Alternative Sober Activities to keep youth off drugs
o Needing people to run scheduled groups
 Music classes, sewing, canoeing, camping, article writing
 Music (guitar lessons, drumming and turn tables)
-social networking
-sober events
-educational events
-telling stories through social media
-Alternative media and making our voices heard.—radio
 Free shows
– Information and legal assistance to defend people’s basic rights
o -workshops that educate people on what there rights are in regards to police.
-Information on CAS
-Access to lawyers to help people with legal problems
-access to tenant rights and advocacy
-Advocacy for OW ODSP
o Workshops on safe drug use
o -Jail visits for loved ones
-peer support for those suffering from addictions (non judgemental)
-access to drug testing kits
-access to vitamins
-hygiene products
-information on safe sex for non straight lifestyles
– Input from people so that they can have a say in identifying the problems they are facing and come up with solutions
o Weekly meetings where rules are created and updated
o Weekly meetings where programming is created
o Weekly meetings where staff are held accountable by the youth
o Meetings can be called by any participant at any time if a serious issues arises with a staff member


One Response to “Agenda for Jan. 6th meeting about creating alternatives for dealing with the drugs problem”

  1. Saib December 28, 2014 at 8:12 pm #

    Hi. where is this meeting and center? I am in Montreal. I need to establish a trustworthy network of activists and advocates for basic human rights. You can contact me by email if you choose. Thanks.

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