Letter to my mom on Christmas

26 Dec

Hey mom how are you doing? Just thought I would take a moment and write to you. I am doing well working at a law office serving documents, filing stuff and whatever else they need me to do, the work is boring and dreary but it does have its moments. I had to serve someone at 8 am who is quite vindictive and psychotic so I dressed up like a delivery boy and put the lawsuit in a christmas package and gave to them and left quickly before she could open it, which was fun because she was a pro cop peace of shit.

We didnt put up the Christmas tree this year and instead are using dads palm tree plant instead. I decided to recycle gifts and gave dad some dvds that someone else gave me he was quite impressed that i spent what little money i got buying him a gift which is pretty funny. Remember Ambers kid Donavin he is doing and has grown quite a bit, I saw him two nights ago and he grew so big that i didnt event recognize him. He gets an X Box which someone else gave me as I called my roomate and she says that we have no use for it. We had Christmas dinner the other night and it went quite well POKE and lots of the old spot kids were there. Remember when you bailed her out years ago and she lived with us it was fun and i was talking to her about how she had to leave and go to jail on Christmas but how we stayed in touch and how sad that was. She is doing well going to school and helps out with my radio show sometimes but like me she hates waking up at six am and going all the way to the studio.

The truth of the matter is that its not the same without you and moments like this your presence is really missed and even though I know you are in heavan looking out for me I really still miss you and wish you were here, everyone does. You gave up so much to raise me properly and teach me what is right and wrong and you gave so much to the community that in many ways I think you are my hero doing what is right not because of some ideology but because it is right I miss you and look forward to seeing you again in the next life.

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