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False Notions of Balance Between Security and Rights

29 Jan

– Pauline Easton –

The Harper government is expected to introduce legislation Friday, January 30, that will boost the power of police and security agents to subject Canadians to arbitrary detention and restriction of their movement within a framework of criminalizing the “promotion or glorification of terrorism.”

In what was described as a “campaign-style” speech to Conservative Party supporters on January 25, Stephen Harper announced the forthcoming legislation saying, “These measures are designed to help authorities stop planned attacks, get threats off our streets, criminalize the promotion of terrorism, and prevent terrorists from travelling and recruiting others…. It will contain a range of measures to ensure that our police and security agencies have the tools they need to meet evolving threats, and keep Canadians safe.”

Rights are rights and security is security. You cannot balance two things of a different character. The relation between rights and security is not of two things on a scale. The affirmation of the one – rights – is the condition for the other – security. Security can be either enhanced or undermined depending on the manner in which rights are treated. Talk of a trade off is irrational, to say the least.

Despite this, false notions of a balance between the two abound in the commentary on the government’s yet-to-be-revealed “anti-terror” legislation. One of the most dangerous elements expected is the criminalization of the “promotion or glorification of terrorism.” Such legislation itself would be a crime against the rights of Canadians. To cover up the crime against rights, the false notion of balance is introduced. An article in the Ottawa Citizen on January 25 asks, “Can government balance security and civil rights?”

The government’s definition of “terrorism” at various times includes everything from what it calls Jihadists and Muslim extremists, to environmental protestors, First Nations’ groups, workers engaged in strike struggles and extends to resistance movements in various parts of the world. Many of these people are opponents of government policy and practices while others are merely expressing an opinion no matter how disagreeable it may be to the government and its ministers. The actions and opinions of these individuals or groups have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. What does their criminalization have to do with “balancing rights and security?” Absolutely nothing. Their criminalization has everything to do with suppressing dissent in the most heinous manner possible. The affirmation of their rights is crucial to upholding the rights of all and creating the condition of everyone’s security.

The promotion of a balance between rights and security covers up many things. The government has never engaged the polity in providing a definition of terrorism. In fact, Harper uses his majority in Parliament to attack the people’s fundamental right to conscience, which is tantamount to attacking their right to be. To say that the people’s right to be can be balanced with security is not only nonsense, it is as self-serving as one can become.

Far from the denial of rights begetting security, it begets anarchy and violence. The experience of wars of aggression and occupation, indefinite detentions, torture and targeted assassinations prove that. To say otherwise is to take the people for fools, which they are not.

Exposed in this proposed legislation and its promotion in the mass media is the fact that far from keeping Canadians or anyone else safe, the self-serving definitions of terrorism, the false notions of balance between rights and security, and the attacks on the right to conscience and the people’s right to be put everyone in danger and must be ended.

In Canada today, Harper’s Rule by Decree disempowers the people and places their safety at the mercy of arbitrariness. To treat matters of a political, social, cultural and economic nature as law and order matters does not enhance security. It provides those in power with license to commit crimes. In opposition, the MLPC says, Our Security Lies in Our Fight for the Rights of All, at home and abroad.

70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army Russia Excluded from Commemoration Ceremonies

26 Jan


The attempts to rewrite history are mind-boggling.This week, the great lengths to which Germany went to make sure representatives from Russia would not attend the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz were revealed.

A recent report by informs that “EU countries are preventing the Russian president from participating at the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.” The highest representative of the country whose army halted the mass murder in the German extermination camp January 27, 1945, is thereby excluded from the commemoration ceremonies, wrote. However, Germany’s President Joachim Gauck participated. This is the same Joachim Gauck who used his speech on the 75th anniversary of Germany’s invasion of Poland to stir up sentiment against Moscow and to transform the commemoration of Nazi crimes into an appeal for closing ranks against Russia. In his memoirs, Gauck described Red Army soldiers, who had liberated Germany, as beings “with Asian facial features,” “reeking of Vodka,” who “requisitioned and stole.” This is typical CIA propaganda about the conduct of the Red Army when it liberated Europe. Of course, for the Red Army to achieve the feats it accomplished, discipline was decisive and it conducted itself very differently to what the slanders claim. The motivation of such slanders is understood from the statements made by Gauck a few years ago when he complained, “The occurrence of the German Judeocide has been inflated to a uniqueness,” because “certain milieux of post-religious societies” were seeking to induce “a certain shudder in face of the unspeakable.” In 2010, he was quoted saying, he “wonders how much longer we Germans want to nurture our culture of chagrin.”

The denial of the role of the Soviet Union in the anti-fascist war is for purposes of equating communism with fascism and thereby depriving the world’s people of communist leadership today. It is also to isolate Russia today, in the frenzied attempt by the U.S. to impose its control over Europe and dominate Asia, and of the European Union to do the same. Blaming the Soviets for all the crimes the Hitlerites committed also serves to cover up the crimes committed during the war by British Zionism’s projects and Zionist forces, the aim of which is to condone the terrible crimes the Zionist state of Israel is committing against the Palestinians, in the name of creating a safe haven for Jews, despite the fact they themselves only wanted a chosen few. All of it serves to deprive the younger generations of an understanding of the past so as to help them cope with the present in a manner that opens a path for the future.

But what it tells us is that today the reactionary forces suffer from a most morbid preoccupation with defeat. In their desperation they are reaching out to the Hitlerites of yesterday and today to save them. They are despicable indeed.

In a January 16 article, writes:
“Just Like Nazi Troops”

The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the German Auschwitz extermination camp had been the focus of political intrigues already last year. At the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of its liberation, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s participation was still taken for granted. After having suffered severe losses, the Soviet Army reached Auschwitz January 27, 1945, putting an end to the ghastly murders Germans were committing. First attempts to exclude Putin from the commemoration of the 70th Anniversary were made in Poland in the summer 2014. A parliamentarian was quoted saying that the Red Army “had been an aggressor” in WW II, “just like Nazi troops,” which is why the Russian President should only be allowed to make a “penitential pilgrimage” to Poland.[1] At the time, [Polish President] Bronislaw Komorowski could see nothing wrong with Putin’s participation at the Auschwitz commemoration. However, anti-Russian forces have prevailed and the Russian President’s invitation was cancelled through diplomatic channels. According to reports, Poland’s Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has also campaigned to prevent Putin from participating at a parallel commemoration ceremony in Prague. This would exclude the president of the country, whose army had lost more than a million soldiers just to liberate the German Reich and the Polish territories under German occupation.
Turned Against Russia

The anti-Russian use of the memory of German crimes against humanity is making headway with Putin’s virtual disinvitation. Already on September 1, 2014, German President Joachim Gauck used his memorial address in Gdansk — commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the German invasion of Poland — to stir up anti-Russian sentiments. Referring to the Ukraine conflict, Gauck accused Russia of giving a higher priority to “a quest for power,” rather than to “maintaining stability and peace.” Completely blotting out western support for the Ukrainian putsch and the civil war, while ignoring all the wars waged by the West from Yugoslavia to Iraq on up to Libya, Gauck alleged that Russia had “violated international law” and “annexed foreign territory.”[2] Alluding to Great Britain and France’s approbation of Germany’s occupation of parts of Czechoslovakia in October 1938, targeting Russia, Gauck declared, “history teaches us that territorial concessions often whet the appetite of the aggressors.” The commemoration of Nazi crimes was thereby transformed into an appeal to close ranks against Russia, which Germany had invaded.
A “Culture of Chagrin”

On various occasions before becoming president, Gauck, who, unlike Russia’s President Putin, will be present at Auschwitz January 27, had made public statements showing how he views Germany’s 1945 liberation and the Shoah [Holocaust]. In his memoirs, he wrote on the subject of Germany’s liberation, that it arrived as “horrible news.” He depicted the Red Army soldiers as beings “with Asian facial features,” reeking “of vodka,” who “requisitioned and stole” and systematically raped women.[3] In 2006, Gauck remorsefully claimed that there is “a tendency toward sanctifying the Holocaust,” wherein “the occurrence of German Judeocide is inflated to a uniqueness that ultimately escapes comprehension and analysis.” “Certain milieux of post-religious societies” were persistently searching “for the dimension of the absolute, a certain shudder in face of the unspeakable.” This could also be achieved by “the absolute evil” and is “paradoxically of psychological advantage.”[4] Gauck has stated several times that “the Germans” would be well advised to change their approach to history. In the fall of 2010, he mused, “I ask myself, how much longer do we Germans want to nurture our culture of chagrin.”[5] This was after he had positively responded to the question whether “the majority of the Germans” are mature enough for a “reorientation toward their own victims, the reorientation toward the patriotic.” “That’s how I see it.”[6]
Broad Brush

Until he was inaugurated president, Gauck’s historical views were criticized in German public opinion. For example, he has a knack for using the “broad brush,” in reference to his remarks on the “Black Book of Communism.”[7] Gauck had written that “the communists had also made themselves unpopular, when they … approved Poland’s westward acquisition of territory and thereby Germany’s loss of its eastern territories.” “To both the natives and the expellees, this loss of the homeland was considered a great injustice, which the communists sealed in 1950, by recognizing the Oder-Neisse as the new German-Polish border,”[8] alleges Gauck. In the conflict over the “Centre against Expulsions,” he took the side of the president at the time, Erika Steinbach, who was sharply criticized for her historical revisionist statements, particularly in Poland. Gauck is quoted on the German League of Expellees’ (BdV) website saying, Berlin is most certainly the best location for a “Centre against Expulsions.” It blends in, because Berlin is where “there are various ‘topographies of terror,’ the location of the Wannsee Conference and the Stasi Headquarters, the former seat of government of brown and red despots.”[9]
Yatsenyuk’s “Soviet Invasion”

Gauck’s Auschwitz speech and Putin’s disinvitation coincide with Berlin’s open cooperation with the fascist successors of Nazi collaborators to stage a pro-western coup in Kiev, ( reported.[10]) The Kiev government has adopted their anti-Russian standpoints, which are also increasingly having an influence on the German debate where they dovetail with old anti-Russian sentiments. Arseniy Yatsenyuk recently caused a stir with his interview on German television. He literally alleged, “We all remember well the Soviet invasion of Ukraine and Germany.”[11] This statement has remained unchallenged.


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(For the original Article see, “Liberation without the Liberators,”, January 16, 2015. Slightly edited for style by TML.)

Abdul Khan the courts and injustice

23 Jan

As most of you know Adbul Khan is sueing the law society for a variety of reasons including the loss of a diplomatic pouch. This lawsuit is an attempt of a victim of racism and such to find justice in his dispute with an organization that feels that it is above justice.

His last court date, which was held behind closed doors set a courtdate for the week of Jan. 19th. Today is the last day of the week and still no court date was set.

This brings up several questions

1. Because the last court date was not held in camera why is was it held behind closed doors?

2.Why was not a firm date set for this week and why did the whole week pass without an agreed upon courtdate?

Could this have something to do with the legalsystem trying to deprive the people of the truth of what is going on? for myself everything about the strange case of Abdul Khan reeks of nepotism and corruption

Training for dealing with the drug problem

23 Jan

Feb.3rd 7pm Queen St. Commons
Training includes
Naloxone OD training
Suicide Prevention Training
Peer Support Training
Facilitator training and more

Come and learn to be part of the solution

Dont fear the reaper, thoughts on an abnormally high death rate from drugs and poverty

21 Jan

So i woke up this morning with the aim of writing up the minutes and tasks from last nights meeting, as well as engaging in alot of different tasks related to community organizing. However I made the mistake of going on facebook and seeing an article about a man found dead under the fairway bridge, checking msgs and txts and such their is many people who are saying that it was someone we may know and as always their is speculation rumor etc. who he was and how he died despite the fact that nothing is yet confirmed i felt like a shit tonne of bricks hit me in the stomach and as such became quiet withdrawn and really not feeling like doing anything at all.

This feeling of hopelessness and despair is common among people in my community who are victims of a drug epidemic, poverty related deaths and the violence that comes with this as well as a state that pays lip service to these problems but doesn’t really care how many drop dead from drugs the cold and other such things.In fact judging by the policy’s that they are passing one could guess that this is their goals and aims as these deaths are a logical conclusions of these policys.

I have a couple of smokes and few glasses of coffee thinking to myself this is fucked, that whenever we read about a death in the paper or online our first reaction is is it someone that we know and care about. Is this our ex our cousin or someone we use to chill with. Its really not normal that this feeling and these thoughts affect a sizeable portion of the people we organize and work with, nor is it normal that in Hamilton this summer that just passed 8 people dies of bad heroine in one die. This is a symptom of a society that is sick and treats its most vulnerable as expandable commodities.

When I was working at the Inuvik Youth Centre as a program coordinator one of the first things we learned was not to get emotionally involved and treat everyone we work with as a case. This model of dehumanizing people and treating people as cases may make it easier for people to sleep at night but it also makes it acceptable and normal for people to turn a blind eye to those who die as a result of policy’s that favor one group of people at the expense of another. Eg. the heroine epidemic is not a serious problem because it only affects those who are cases and does not affect me and if I have a loved one who has a problem he has access to the the best rehab detox etc. and the street violence etc that is a result of this does not affect them as they dont have to score from the psychos that have no problem hacking up a young woman and wherever the money goes does not affect. Despite the irrationality of this logic which is flawed in so many ways this model of social work is flawed and in many ways is part of the problem that we are facing, the logic that turns a human being into a case or a bi line in the obits.

Community work what we are trying to do is engaging the community in recognizing the problem and helping actual people by mobilizing the community itself to get involved and recognizing that human life is worth something and that those who have no qualm dispensing human life should be held responsible as well as recognizing that a society where people are constantly in fear for the lives of those who they know and love is not only flawed but sick and must be changed. This change will not come from the politicians whose policy’s facilitate this but rather from the community that sees that that standing back is not an option.

This friday phonejam of British Consulate to demand justice For The Craigavon Two

20 Jan

Call (416)593-1290 all day Friday and demand and end to this miscarriage of justice.

The Case of the Craigavon Two is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the injustice system in the occupied Six Counties of Ireland. These two lads have been indited on false testimony by a witness who could not have possibly seen the said crime that they were accused of, key evidence such as a tracking device on their car has been wiped witnesses whose testimony discredited the false witness have been intimidated by Mi5 and yet despite this they are still in jail. This miscarriage of justice is an insult to all who believe in rule of law and human rights. This Friday call the British consulate and demand that the Craigavon Two be set free and that justice be served.

CSIS Homeland Security and Mi6 are paper tigers

19 Jan

speech given this morning at meeting of restructuring and consolidation

Comrades and friends

Though we usually have this sort of meeting at new years for reasons beyond our control we are having it today. Our purpose is to assess what is posative what is negative and what must be done to strengthen out work. Over the last few months as a result of the work we have been doing many comrades have been targeted for nefarious purposes by state security forces attempting to intimidate and provoke a fear response. In response to this we must not cowar but hold high our bright red banner of anti capitalism and socialism and march forward. In the words of Mao to be hated by the enemy is a good thing. Over the last year we have strengthened our international work, intensified our media work and built alternatives to the sickness that capitalism and colonialism have brought to our community’s. This does not bode well for the state that has intensified there policy of criminalization and repression and like Che Guevara once said you cant build a socialist revolution under the nose of the imperialists and hope them not to notice.

These recent attacks including my detention by homeland security show that the system is bankrupt and can only deal with political arguments through intimidation and force. This should not intimidate us but rather strengthen our resolution to intensify our work. We have a right to be political, we have a right to discuss the problems in our world and our community and not only have a say but participate to change that which is old and decaying and put forward a modern alternative. As such we have the right to have working relations with any organization internationally that we choose to have exchanges of opinions and understanding.

We are not the criminals but rather it is the state that is criminal using intimidation tactics to silence our right to be political. A right is not something that is given and as such is something that one haves by virtue of being human. As sentient beings we were endowed with the capacity to thing reason analysis and understand for a reason . Those who are attempting to impose civil death on us by denying us the right to participate in politics are the criminals and they are acting this way because they are stuck in the old way of thinking, the mindset of imperialism and colonialism that might makes right and through the use of force can impose their view on whomever they want and plunder and steal simply because they can. We dont accept that mentality from a thug who steals someones jacket why would we accept that from those who claim to have the mandate to govern society?

If anything is learned in the last year it is that not only do we have a right to be political but that despite whatever the state does to attempt to strip us of this right will fail. This year let us consolidate our work and march forward.

Victory belongs to the people!!!!

Reject Drug Dealing Fascist scum, reject bourgoise liberalism

18 Jan

Open letter to a former comrade

Ive been thinking of your offer for funds for our programs in return for us openly rejecting what you call vigilantism and realize that my initial reaction of fuck you was childish and simplistic, and after much thought i realized that i let you off the hook too easily, after all these were tactics that once upon a time you yourself embraced or you do you forget when i was used as bait to lure kyle in the park where he got sorted out and was told to stop his shit, or the one house we visited on the top of ceder st or the other countless actions of community defense that we participated in. Maybe your short selective memory also forgot the hard stand that we both embraced rejecting poor on poor violence and demanding that we focus our anger on the real enemy, no i am not disappointed in your revisionism of the past re writing our activism to fit your current outlook as a mouth-peace of the state sandpapering the class contradictions nor am i disappointed that your plush job which you got on the back of the work we did puts you in a position to support PAVIS and other reactionary forces but rather I am disappointed that you think that we would be like you and for 30 peaces of silver would betray our principles and positions.

Yes we reject vigilantism, the vigilantism of the state that would spend so many resources watching and servailimg people gathering for a meeting to sort out the problems that our community is facing while turning a blind eye to the heroine laced with fentynol that is poisoning our streets taking yet another life last saturday. You talk about agency of the user and have such great libertarian positions but are silent about the long waiting list for methadone programs, you talk of choice and free will and all these nice sounding words yet are silent about options that one faces when looking for programs to get off of drugs, ignoring the reasons why their is a drug problem to begin with.

You calls us vigilantes while go home at night not having to see the harm and devastation done by this shit to our community s. Yes it is our community’s, to us these problems are not something abstract to sit and debate in starbucks or your vegan cafe to us it is a life and death struggle as it is our old friends people we grew up with and see in the streets who die from bad hits, it is our friends who are bullied beaten and intimidated by these peaces of shit and the funds going to finance terror and violence in our communitys.

To sitback and do nothing is not an option and most of us have dedicated our lives to this because it is our lives that our directly affected and while i am not counseling anyone to use force I am embracing a diversity of tactics and will never condemn anyone who uses force to out these peaces of shit like we use to years ago.

Yes the drug problem is a complex problem but what is not complex is that something must be done and we cant sit on the sideline so thank you for the offer but i think we will do better without your thirty peaces of silver

Use it Or Lose It Give It Or Guard it!!!!!NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS!!!!

14 Jan

Given the three recent deaths of homeless people in Toronto and the closing of the out of the cold program in Kitchener we of The Spot Collective recognize that it is only a matter of time before people in Kitchener freeze to death. As such we are taking this opportunity to demand that the city open up shelter fit for human beings or we will do it for them. As this message is being written secret squats are being opened in Kitchener to deal with this problem, as well preparations are being made for a campaign of direct action aimed at solving this problem which will include the opening up of derelict property’s that are sitting empty while people die in the street.

NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Tori clocked for opposing rape culture at Cosby opening in Kitchener

9 Jan

The other day Bill Cosby came to Kitchener and people rightfully felt they had to oppose him. Though supportive due to health issues and the serious cold I was pretty much not going to attend the picket as I get sick quite easily and have been already been under the weather and overwhelmed. The fact that I dont really have any warm clothes was another serious matter and in my mind this issue was so important that I thought 100’s of people would be there and one more body would not be missed. Still my friend Tori and someone else felt better if I would go.

For those of you that don’t know Tori she is an amazing person who would pretty much do anything for anyone if they need help and will always stick out her neck for her friends. Since I have known Tori as a result of her friendship with me she has alomst been driven off the rode by an asshole who didn’t like me as she was giving me a lift, has had her license and such been taken down by NAZI drug dealing scum as a result of coming to a pub to make sure I was safe and when the litter NAZI’s attacked tent city was right there and would not be intimidated by their violence and time and time again has given my ride helped me move stuff despite risk to her personal safety anyone else who knows Tori also has many stories like this. I n other words she is good shit and as such I would support her taking a stand against Patriarchy.

I wont go into the whole night but I will just say that its fucked that media pointed out I was their as if it is an important thing, but again that is the patriarchy in the sense that ohhh their is a guy there who is an activist yeah a male etc. as if the presence of a person who does nothing to organize should be mentioned simply because he is a guy. One of the reasons I dont really talk to media that much about gender issues is i feel its more important to support woman in our community as opposed to give the media or others a chance to make me the issue or the expert or any of that shit and thereby appropriate womans voices and by default silence them. Its bad enough that last year at tent city the woman organizers were openly attacked on fb etc and myself relatively untouched cause of my male body privilege for an event like this for media to talk of me despite the fact i ran away from camera etc or turned my back wherever i could shows the space that i take up as a guy for simply attending an event which is important for me to be conscious of to myself at least if not to my friends.

Those going inside were yelling sexist slurs and degrading the woman that were present, one person yelling that he supports rape culture when questioned by protestors. It really was sick and the best way to describe these people would be male misogynist fascists who didn’t even try to disguise their sexism.

Still nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. One cosby dude older guy white and entitled clocked Tori in the face out of the blue when she refused to move despite the fact that their was much space to go around her on either side. The Media was their as were quite a few people and this guy thought it was ok in public view to clock Tori because he didn’t agree with her view. Imagine the culture we live in for some white guy to think its ok to clock a native woman in public if he feels she is “uppidy and he needs to put her in her place”. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!He doesn’t even care that its in public and the cops are their and in full view of the media.

Of course Tori didn’t let him intimidate or silence her and called him out for this fucked up behavior but again this is the real issue, that someone whom 30 woman have come forward and said this guy raped me comes to Kitchener and his supporters feel it is ok not just to support him but act as entitled male supremacists and the state forces as well as others are silent. THIS IS THE FUCKEN STORY NOT THAT SOME GUY SUCH AS MYSELF WAS THEIR!!!