Open Letter to British High Commission in response to the despicable behavior when questioned on air about the case of Gary Donnelley

2 Jan

Sent Jan. 2nd 5pm

To Whom This May Concern

As a concerned Canadian Citizen as well as a radio broadcaster and freelance writer I am deeply concerned at the treatment of reporters and general public whom call your office to address the issue of Irish Republicans in The North of Ireland and the illegal attention and persecution that they receive. Case in point is today when on air your media representative hung up the phone when asked the case of Gary Donnelly who is a City Councillor in Derry facing six months in jail as well as being unlawfully stripped of the right to represent and fill the role of the office that he was elected to.

Other individuals whom have called today were also misdirected, misinformed and treated very rudely. Do you or do you not represent the government of the UK which under the GFA is the administrator of the occupation of that territory. As such do you or do you not have an obligation to represent the government of the UK to the citizens of this country? Or do you think that it is fine like in The North of Ireland to refuse to meet with concerned citizens including the local amnesty when Marian Price was interned and instead pass on information to the RCMP, Homeland Security and others despite the fact that none of these individuals have a history of violence nor are any threat to the security of the Government you represent. I await your response.

Julian Ichim


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