British Consulate Shutdown in support of Gary Donnelly

5 Jan

On January 5th a members of ACWG infiltrated the british consulate to demand that all charges against Gary Donnelly be dropped and that the judiciary not be used as tool to influence the political process in Derry. After sneaking past security during shift change and making it up to the 28th floor the brits locked the door and shut down operations. We unfurled our banner and kept calling them on the phone demanding answers to our concerns about the criminalization of Irish Republican and City Councillor Gary Donnelly who will have his appeal tomorrow and faces six months in jail as well as being striped of his seat. We did not get a response and at that point in time our mobiles got jammed up as we were trying to call lawyers and such since we saw that the various security forces were coming to remove us. When they came we complied and asked why they close the doors and try to remove us as the Cuban Consulates doors are always open. They replied that they were called as a result of a security concern. At this moment the consulate is on lockdown which shows that the brits would rather deny their own people necessary services then simply speak to people about what is going on in the North of Ireland.


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