INA 212 (a) (3) (B) (i) (ii) aka I’m a terrorist?

8 Jan

So as people know I was stopped from boarding a plane on my way home from Dublin by homeland security, detained, questioned, questioned again, and then when they got bored of that they questioned me again. People know the reason I went to Ireland was to find out the truth by interviewing people and gathering information for my blog, radio show etc as well as attend the Ar Fhies of the 32CSM as an international guest. What people don’t know is that the grounds on which homeland security did this was INA 212 (a) (3) (B) (i) (ii).

For those of you who do not know what this is, I will quote the section of law that this falls under and I quote “a consular officer, the Attorney General, or the Secretary of Homeland Security knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, is engaged in or is likely to engage after entry in any terrorist activity (as defined in clause (iv)); ”

In other words Homeland Security thought that I wanted to get on my flight to go home for the purpose of terrorist activity. This notion is hilarious except for the fact that this has serious repercussions to me and my life.

What grounds do they have to suspect me of engaging in terrorism? As many people know I am an open, above-ground organizer who time and time again has stated that change will come from the people not random acts of violence, and as such most of my organizing is community-based organizing. Other than my conviction for throwing chocolate milk on a politician when I was alot younger, I have no violent convictions and after years of intelligence gathering including infiltrating my circle of friends they found no evidence of me advocating violence or terror tactics. Even when the state tried to provoke people during the infiltration to carry out random acts of sabotage this was rejected by everyone myself included as way of turning the people against the struggle.

Given this information is well known why would Homeland Security accuse me of this? I feel that this has less to do with myself and more to do with criminalizing anyone who supports the Irish Republican struggle and the anti-colonialist struggle. It is no secret that i am sympathetic to the Irish struggle and am against colonialism in general. It is no secret that I am outspoken in defense of POWS and political prisoners held by the british in Ireland as well as POWS of colonialism here and abroad and it is no secret that I try to raise this issue on the radio in my articles and personal life.

This is not a crime nor should it be a crime and to classify me a terrorist as a result of this is not only a criminalization of my right to conscience but rather a denial of the crimes of the imperialists. After all it was the colonialists who introduced the gun into Irish politics, it was the Colonialists that used the gun to create what is know as north america and it is the colonialists that are introducing the politics of might makes right around the world. To classify me a terrorist for holding a political position is continuing the use of force and coercion into politics and as such must be opposed. In the next coming weeks I hope to challenge this and expose and oppose this politics of criminalization.

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