My friend Tori clocked for opposing rape culture at Cosby opening in Kitchener

9 Jan

The other day Bill Cosby came to Kitchener and people rightfully felt they had to oppose him. Though supportive due to health issues and the serious cold I was pretty much not going to attend the picket as I get sick quite easily and have been already been under the weather and overwhelmed. The fact that I dont really have any warm clothes was another serious matter and in my mind this issue was so important that I thought 100’s of people would be there and one more body would not be missed. Still my friend Tori and someone else felt better if I would go.

For those of you that don’t know Tori she is an amazing person who would pretty much do anything for anyone if they need help and will always stick out her neck for her friends. Since I have known Tori as a result of her friendship with me she has alomst been driven off the rode by an asshole who didn’t like me as she was giving me a lift, has had her license and such been taken down by NAZI drug dealing scum as a result of coming to a pub to make sure I was safe and when the litter NAZI’s attacked tent city was right there and would not be intimidated by their violence and time and time again has given my ride helped me move stuff despite risk to her personal safety anyone else who knows Tori also has many stories like this. I n other words she is good shit and as such I would support her taking a stand against Patriarchy.

I wont go into the whole night but I will just say that its fucked that media pointed out I was their as if it is an important thing, but again that is the patriarchy in the sense that ohhh their is a guy there who is an activist yeah a male etc. as if the presence of a person who does nothing to organize should be mentioned simply because he is a guy. One of the reasons I dont really talk to media that much about gender issues is i feel its more important to support woman in our community as opposed to give the media or others a chance to make me the issue or the expert or any of that shit and thereby appropriate womans voices and by default silence them. Its bad enough that last year at tent city the woman organizers were openly attacked on fb etc and myself relatively untouched cause of my male body privilege for an event like this for media to talk of me despite the fact i ran away from camera etc or turned my back wherever i could shows the space that i take up as a guy for simply attending an event which is important for me to be conscious of to myself at least if not to my friends.

Those going inside were yelling sexist slurs and degrading the woman that were present, one person yelling that he supports rape culture when questioned by protestors. It really was sick and the best way to describe these people would be male misogynist fascists who didn’t even try to disguise their sexism.

Still nothing prepared me for what I was about to see. One cosby dude older guy white and entitled clocked Tori in the face out of the blue when she refused to move despite the fact that their was much space to go around her on either side. The Media was their as were quite a few people and this guy thought it was ok in public view to clock Tori because he didn’t agree with her view. Imagine the culture we live in for some white guy to think its ok to clock a native woman in public if he feels she is “uppidy and he needs to put her in her place”. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!He doesn’t even care that its in public and the cops are their and in full view of the media.

Of course Tori didn’t let him intimidate or silence her and called him out for this fucked up behavior but again this is the real issue, that someone whom 30 woman have come forward and said this guy raped me comes to Kitchener and his supporters feel it is ok not just to support him but act as entitled male supremacists and the state forces as well as others are silent. THIS IS THE FUCKEN STORY NOT THAT SOME GUY SUCH AS MYSELF WAS THEIR!!!


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