Reject Drug Dealing Fascist scum, reject bourgoise liberalism

18 Jan

Open letter to a former comrade

Ive been thinking of your offer for funds for our programs in return for us openly rejecting what you call vigilantism and realize that my initial reaction of fuck you was childish and simplistic, and after much thought i realized that i let you off the hook too easily, after all these were tactics that once upon a time you yourself embraced or you do you forget when i was used as bait to lure kyle in the park where he got sorted out and was told to stop his shit, or the one house we visited on the top of ceder st or the other countless actions of community defense that we participated in. Maybe your short selective memory also forgot the hard stand that we both embraced rejecting poor on poor violence and demanding that we focus our anger on the real enemy, no i am not disappointed in your revisionism of the past re writing our activism to fit your current outlook as a mouth-peace of the state sandpapering the class contradictions nor am i disappointed that your plush job which you got on the back of the work we did puts you in a position to support PAVIS and other reactionary forces but rather I am disappointed that you think that we would be like you and for 30 peaces of silver would betray our principles and positions.

Yes we reject vigilantism, the vigilantism of the state that would spend so many resources watching and servailimg people gathering for a meeting to sort out the problems that our community is facing while turning a blind eye to the heroine laced with fentynol that is poisoning our streets taking yet another life last saturday. You talk about agency of the user and have such great libertarian positions but are silent about the long waiting list for methadone programs, you talk of choice and free will and all these nice sounding words yet are silent about options that one faces when looking for programs to get off of drugs, ignoring the reasons why their is a drug problem to begin with.

You calls us vigilantes while go home at night not having to see the harm and devastation done by this shit to our community s. Yes it is our community’s, to us these problems are not something abstract to sit and debate in starbucks or your vegan cafe to us it is a life and death struggle as it is our old friends people we grew up with and see in the streets who die from bad hits, it is our friends who are bullied beaten and intimidated by these peaces of shit and the funds going to finance terror and violence in our communitys.

To sitback and do nothing is not an option and most of us have dedicated our lives to this because it is our lives that our directly affected and while i am not counseling anyone to use force I am embracing a diversity of tactics and will never condemn anyone who uses force to out these peaces of shit like we use to years ago.

Yes the drug problem is a complex problem but what is not complex is that something must be done and we cant sit on the sideline so thank you for the offer but i think we will do better without your thirty peaces of silver


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