CSIS Homeland Security and Mi6 are paper tigers

19 Jan

speech given this morning at meeting of restructuring and consolidation

Comrades and friends

Though we usually have this sort of meeting at new years for reasons beyond our control we are having it today. Our purpose is to assess what is posative what is negative and what must be done to strengthen out work. Over the last few months as a result of the work we have been doing many comrades have been targeted for nefarious purposes by state security forces attempting to intimidate and provoke a fear response. In response to this we must not cowar but hold high our bright red banner of anti capitalism and socialism and march forward. In the words of Mao to be hated by the enemy is a good thing. Over the last year we have strengthened our international work, intensified our media work and built alternatives to the sickness that capitalism and colonialism have brought to our community’s. This does not bode well for the state that has intensified there policy of criminalization and repression and like Che Guevara once said you cant build a socialist revolution under the nose of the imperialists and hope them not to notice.

These recent attacks including my detention by homeland security show that the system is bankrupt and can only deal with political arguments through intimidation and force. This should not intimidate us but rather strengthen our resolution to intensify our work. We have a right to be political, we have a right to discuss the problems in our world and our community and not only have a say but participate to change that which is old and decaying and put forward a modern alternative. As such we have the right to have working relations with any organization internationally that we choose to have exchanges of opinions and understanding.

We are not the criminals but rather it is the state that is criminal using intimidation tactics to silence our right to be political. A right is not something that is given and as such is something that one haves by virtue of being human. As sentient beings we were endowed with the capacity to thing reason analysis and understand for a reason . Those who are attempting to impose civil death on us by denying us the right to participate in politics are the criminals and they are acting this way because they are stuck in the old way of thinking, the mindset of imperialism and colonialism that might makes right and through the use of force can impose their view on whomever they want and plunder and steal simply because they can. We dont accept that mentality from a thug who steals someones jacket why would we accept that from those who claim to have the mandate to govern society?

If anything is learned in the last year it is that not only do we have a right to be political but that despite whatever the state does to attempt to strip us of this right will fail. This year let us consolidate our work and march forward.

Victory belongs to the people!!!!


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