This friday phonejam of British Consulate to demand justice For The Craigavon Two

20 Jan

Call (416)593-1290 all day Friday and demand and end to this miscarriage of justice.

The Case of the Craigavon Two is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the injustice system in the occupied Six Counties of Ireland. These two lads have been indited on false testimony by a witness who could not have possibly seen the said crime that they were accused of, key evidence such as a tracking device on their car has been wiped witnesses whose testimony discredited the false witness have been intimidated by Mi5 and yet despite this they are still in jail. This miscarriage of justice is an insult to all who believe in rule of law and human rights. This Friday call the British consulate and demand that the Craigavon Two be set free and that justice be served.


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