Picket to oppose Harper and Launch my nomination a success

11 Feb

This past Saturday community members joined me in a info picket at the Kitchener Farmers Market to oppose the Harper agenda as well as mobalize people to create alternatives to Harper regime by creating citizens committees to empower the people. As such I used this occassion to announce publicly my nomination for candidacy as a Marxist Leninist candidate for the upcoming election. I am running to oppose the warmongering of the present political system that is in violation of international law in terms of issues such as self determination of all nations here and abroad, to push for an anti war government, and end the imperialist aspirations of the present regime as well as create space for people locally to discuss the political problems that we are facing and create solutions.

Despite the fact that the MLPC is a registered political party the police was present as an act of intimidation and to cower people into thinking their is something wrong or criminal for people to participate in politics. This fear of being political is promoted by the current regime which has worked to create a climate where all those who want to participate in the political process are marginalized and criminalized. From the thousand plus arrests at the G20, to the new anti terror legislation, to the surveillance and harassment of on the ground activists the state is creating a climate where those with political views are intimidated and criminalized.

This was evident with several people who stated they were supportive but did not feel safe putting their name on a nomination sheet for the election due to fear of reprisal. Despite this many people still agreed to sign my nomination sheet getting about half of the necessary nominations in a short time. Still this climate of fear demonstrates the need of why we must oppose the present regime which bombs country in the name of democracy abroad but at home creates a climate of fear where people are intimidated from participating in the political process. How can Harper talk about free and fair elections when people are intimidated to nominate people to run based on their conscious.

This work will continue as will the work to build a peoples opposition to the status quo.


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