We will kick your ass and get away with it. Thoughts on Greg Thornton’s civil suit desision

12 Feb

Judges Decision.


Youtube Video of assault

Support Greg Thornton


Several days ago, the courts set a very dangerous precedent in the civil case that Greg Thornton launched against police for a brutal beating he received at their hands. This court ruling which is listed above not only dismisses his case but asks HIM to pay for the defendants court costs which is $1200.

Despite the video evidence that one can see above the judge chose to believe the police’s testimony which is clearly at odds with what the video evidence shows demonstrating that in a so called court of law the words of the police officer overrule video evidence and proven fact.

The decision also attacks Thornton’s creditably due to his mental health conditions while upholds the polices credibility despite the fact that during the trial the officer in questions testimony clearly was at odds with the video evidence bringing into question the states willingness to take a stand against police perjury, a phenomena which these days is quite common and generally goes unpunished.

Finally the judges decision upholds the polices right to use as much force as THEY deem is necessary clearly allows the police to be accountable to no one as i’m sure no police officer would incriminate themselves in a court of law even if they themselves recognize they fucked up. In an era of growing awareness of the unlawful activities of the police this is just one more tool to make sure that they are above justice giving them the veto in terms of use of force.

As more and more people see that the ways of getting justice through so called legitimate channels are a waste of time and are turning to the use of civil court as a way to find justice for the wrong that they have had committed to them this decision has the power to shut down this avenue down and as such strengthen the fact that police is above the law. As such all should oppose this and demand neutrality from the judiciary.

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