Info about Christine Connor for Todays letter writing night

23 Feb

A friend wrote this so people can have some background on Christine Connor a Irish Republican POW whom we will write to tonight. Those who cant attend tonight can write to her at Christine Connor Hyde bank wood Hospital road Belfast Co Antrim North of ireland. To support her please check out the cogus website
Cogús POWs she up again this Friday for arraignment

Christine is accused of throwing a pipebomb at 2 ruc patrol men .there is no evidence to that charged there is big mi5 involvement in her case there is nearly 100 intelligence agents involved in her case used as witness and loads of facebook comments been used to set her up to say she was at war with the ruc total bullshit, she was only highlighting the truth the same way me and you do,
on the night in question she was at home alone when the attack took place on the two ruc men who themselves described the attacker of the pipe s a 6ft2 male,, Christine stands at 5ft5 .

her trial is not till april at the earliest at which she will be interned nearly 2 years she has bee offered bail but refused the ridclious bail conditions some of which included not been able to use electronic devices ie mobile phone ,laptop etc she refused to wear a tag she also had be under curfew from 6pm til 7am and sign on 3 times a day in ruc station also if see was not allowed in Belfast to be seen on certain streets or she be arrested on sight ,the ruc station she had to sign on the route she had to walk was full of streets she was not allowed be seen on impossible to live with conditions was one of the reason she refused bail


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