Todays discussion on pragmatic steps to sort out the drug problem

26 Feb

Today we met with a community supporter to go over our plan of implementing the decisions of sorting out the drug problem. Issues that were raised included the need for research into other community programs when they are open what they provide and other such stuff so as to avoid duplications of services as to make people aware of what other services are out there. This would also be good for outreach to other organizations to join in and partake into the work we are doing. Aside from this investigation it was decided that a list of organizations and where they could plug in will be drafted and these organizations will be invited to participate on a equal footing.

The need to implement training of the staff was also stressed as well as methods of vetting them including criminal background checks to seed out anti social elements as well as a vetting period. The background check would not weed out people who were arrested for petty stuff or protest stuff but for serious things like selling hard drugs and behaviours fitting psychopaths that have no interest in serving the people, the methods of holding staff accountable through meetings of all involved in the space to discuss decisions implementation of rules and resolve conflicts of a non antagonist nature between the people was also stressed.

The need to visualize the space and use art as a way to implement our desires of a sober space eg. opiate withdrawal day one day two etc. or other stuff that strengthens our goals was also discussed as well as budgets in terms of costs where will we get different things we need etc. was also stressed as well as a way to measure our success through sign up sheets of those using our programs etc.

The meeting ended with the idea that we shouldn’t sugar coat our message or make personalities an issue especially since our strength lies in dealing with people as they are not what the should be.

All in all this meeting was good to show us our strengths weaknesses and what we must do to move forward.


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