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Why is Youtube Censoring Police Brutality

27 Mar

As many who read my blog will know Greg Thornton was a victim of Police Brutality, when he tried to fight this in court through a civil suit the Judge went against evidence including video evidence and not only ruled on behalf of the police despite the problematic nature of the testimony from Police but also ruled that it is up to the police to choose what sort of violence they feel that they can use which is quite dangerous. To pour salt in the wound Waterloo Regional Police has now taken down the video of them beating up Thronton and is now threatening him to shut up. This sort of thuggish behavior of castigating thevictim and then silencing him is everything that is wrong with police here today. Take a stand and lets make this shit go viral.   This link is the letter sent to Greg By Waterllo Regional Police     im3511_20150327_210606   This is the video that was removed from youtube and that the police is trying to silence.

This Monday March 30th Phone Jam British Consulate #JFTC2

27 Mar

Monday March 30th all day
416 593 1290

Call the British Consulate and tell them what you think about the miscarriage of Justice carried out by the British State against the Craigavon Two. Demand an end to criminalization and torture of all Irish Republicans.

For More info on the case check out

#JFTC2 Campaign in Southern Ontario kicks off with British Consulate shutdown

26 Mar

Today a small but dedicated group of members of ACWG started the #JFTC2 Campaign of intensification here by shutting down the British consulate in Toronto. This action was carried out despite heightened security measures by the British consulate aimed at stopping people from protesting intensified criminalization of Irish Republicans by the British state. At The consulate a banner was unfurled with the msg #JFTC2 and people tried to get through to consulate people who promised that someone from the Consulate would meet with them. Instead security came and removed them from the building uttering empty threats of future arrests and such. Flyers were then handed out outside the consulate which were well received by pedestrians despite more empty rhetoric from security which was trying to say that they own the sidewalk or some crap. These heightened security featrures do not stop us from getting our msg out nor from taking peaceful political action in regards to the consulate but rather are inconveniencing the people whom they claim to help those seeking consular services. As the representatives of the crown here they have an obligation to address concerns of people here about the crimes they are committing in the North of Ireland. If they choose to answer dialogue with force here it only demonstrates the type of state that they are.

April 1st letterwriting night for Craigavon 2 part of intensifying campaighn #JFTC2

25 Mar

April 1st 6pm
Queen Street Commons Kitchener
Letter Writing Night For Craigavon Two

On April 1st ACWG will be hosting a letter writing night for The Craigavon Two at the Queen Street Commons in Kitchener. This event will be part of our intensification of the campaign here in Southern Ontario to end this miscarriage of justice against two people simply because of their politics. Over the next month we are planning pickets, consulate shutdowns and phone jam, public events and outreach aimed at highlighting this injustice and pressuring the colonialist british system to free these men now!!!!

Speech on Bill C 51 and Internment in The North of Ireland

24 Mar

Below is a link to a speech I gave on bill C 51 the so-called anti terror laws passed by Harper, I do screw up in the speech as I say at one point they put me on the plane when i meant to say i got through Irish customs but other than that fuck up it’s a pretty good speech as Bill c51 uses alot from the UK 2001 anti terror act and as such I bring up examples of the Craigavon Two etc. enjoy

International Dept. 32CSM Statement at Community Open Forum – A Tribute to Ferguson

22 Mar

Yesterday their was a discussion and forum on the significance of Ferguson,racism and policing. In context of this discussion the issue of PAVIS and TAVIS were raised as part and parcel of the institutional racism of the police in the present society. Given the fact that the PAVIS model of so called community policing originates in The North of Ireland as a counterinsurgency model these are the thoughts they put forward

Community policing is a mask that is used by those in power to intimidate, frighten and confuse the very communities they claim to be protecting. They identified venerable people and turn them into informers through threat fear or bribery they also run the drug dealers house robbers and car thieves to keep the community frightened to stand up and fight back. By making the community feel powerless and hopeless the ruling class feel confident that they can get away with anything ,be it midnight house raids assaulting women and children, using lies and fabricated evidence to remand people into prison, this is all designed to send the message to people not to get involved in trying to improve your areas or challenging the status quo.

Hands off Venezuela

20 Mar

Today in Toronto people took to the streets to denounce recent attacks on Venezuela lead by Obama and the United Snakes Of America. People marched outside the Venezuelan Consulate to show support for Maduro and to demand that the Canadian State not interfere in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela. This was followed by speeches from members of The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, Toronto Forum on Cuba and the Anti Colonialist Working Group. Revolutionary greeting were also conveyed from the International Department of our comrades abroad the 32CSM. Particular attention was payed to the role of Canada and the so called great britain in assisting aiding and abetting the oppositions terror campaign which climaxed with the attempted coup against the democratically elected government of Maduro. The issue of Possada Carriles, a anti Cuban terrorist whom the US is harboring and refusing to extradite to Venezuela to stand trial was also raised as an example of how it is the US that is a threat to the southern hemisphere and not the ALBA nations. The demonstration ended with commitment from the people to continue to stand and up defend Venezuela’s right to be on a principled basis.

No Racist Police, Thoughts On Todays Demo Against Police Violence!!!

19 Mar

Today as the Toronto Police Services Board was having there meeting a a variety of groups gathered outside the police headquarters to take a stand against racist police profiling, Police murder and the general lack of accountability from the police in Toronto in terms of racism and upholding white supremacy. The demo called by and organized by Network for The Elimination of Police Violence had a variety of speakers who are front line organizers of affected community’s including Jane and Finch Coalition Against Poverty, Black Action Defense Committee, Movement Defense Committee and The Justice For Jermaine Carby.
The Speaker from this last group was the cousin of Jermaine Carby who was shot by Peel Police Sept. 24th 2014 and her presentation demonstrated everything that is wrong with policing in this society. She talked about and dismantled the whole police narrative on the murder of her cousin and clearly exposed this police action for what it was a racist murder followed by a more racist smear campaign and cover up. Those interested in finding out more about this can check the following link

In a society where police arrest beat and murder people based on the color of their skin it is important for all who benefit from this to take a stand and condemn these action for what they are a result of white supremacist system that must be dismantled. This action was positive due to the fact that a variety of groups came together to take a stand and demand an end to police impunity,

Be prepared next Wed to stop illegal eviction

19 Mar

Several days ago I wrote the following post about a mother of five children.

This mother just recieved paper work from the tribunal stating that the eviction will be March 24th, however this paper is full of lies and inconsistencies and an apeal will be filed. However if the manegement attempts to use intimidation tactics to remo9ve this family this will be resisted and all interested in supporting are to email me at

British Consulate Shutdown #JFTC2

17 Mar

Today a group of members of Anti Colonialist Working Group went to the British Consulate in Toronto to protest the unjust and criminal detention of The Craigavon Two. Upon arriving on the 28th floor of 777 Bay Street a banner was unfurled which stated #JFTC2 and flyers were handed out to people who were attempting to enter the consulate for various reasons. As a result of this occupation the Brits were not allowing people to enter the interior of there office and shut down services. People denied entrance included some sort of maintenance worker who was their to do maintenance work inside the interior of the British consulate. After several discussions around the issue of the Craigavon Two with consulate officials through the internal phone system of the consulate and the promise that someone would come and talk to us about this issue various consulate security and thugs came to remove us from the building demanding to go through our cellphone under the guise that we took an illegal picture and other such nonsense. Despite the fact that we were being peaceful we were threatened with arrest and such esp when we did not let them go through our phones. These thugs threatened us with arrest next time they see us and on that note we unfurled our banner outside and handed out leaflets explaining to people the case of the Craigavon Two. The reception from pedestrians was very positive and it was quite clear that the action was successful. The issue of the Craigavon Two is quite important since two individuals have spent over six years in jail as a result of this miscarriage of justice. Those who support this issue should download the song by Pol Mac Adaim Justice for The Craigavon Two which is available on the links below

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The more people who download the more support will be garnished and if enough people download it the song will be played on the BBC.

For more info please check out