Remembering Bobby Sands!!!!

1 Mar

From The Belfast 32CSM Facebook page

Today 1st March we remember with pride the great sacrifice taken by IRA volunteer Bobby Sands to engage in a hunger strike to the death whilst being held in the British gaol Long Kesh (the Maze H-Blocks).

Born Robert Gerard Sands on 9th March 1954 ‘Bobby’ went on to join the ranks of the Irish Republican Army and was arrested in October 1976 whilst on an operation and sent to the Maze prison.

During his incarceration Bobby was involved in the many forms of protest during the prison struggle and on the 1st March 1981 he was the first to refuse food in the final fatal hunger strike for a cause held dearly by all.

Bobby Sands lasted a staggering 66 days without food and on May 5th, aged 27 he died in a prison bed. 9 more brave men died throughout this hunger strike and we shall remember them all with pride in our hearts.

RIP brave volunteer Bobby Sands 9th March 1954 – 5th May 1981.


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