Tomorrow support The Craigavon Two Download Justice For The Craigavon Two on Itunes

14 Mar

Tomorrow Pol Mac Adiam is releasing a single entitled Justice For The Craigavon Two which will be available on Itunes. The idea around this is to make the song so popular that the BBC will be forced to play it if it reaches the top 40s in the charts therefor raising attention to this cause. The Craigavon Two are 2 Irish Republicans falsely accused of a crime they did not commit based on Diplock Courts, Secret evidence perjured witnesses and evidence tampering such as a device under their car which was a tracking device put by the nefarious forces mysteriously being wiped.

The imprisonment of these comrades is an affront to justice and shows that within the occupied Six Counties British forces need no real evidence other then the fact that one is an Irish Republican to imprison and criminalize someone. With the introduction of Bill C51 which borrows much from the UK 2001 anti terror act its only a matter of time before such cases appear here. So please take some time tomorrow and promote this and download the song to the get message out.


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