British Consulate Shutdown #JFTC2

17 Mar

Today a group of members of Anti Colonialist Working Group went to the British Consulate in Toronto to protest the unjust and criminal detention of The Craigavon Two. Upon arriving on the 28th floor of 777 Bay Street a banner was unfurled which stated #JFTC2 and flyers were handed out to people who were attempting to enter the consulate for various reasons. As a result of this occupation the Brits were not allowing people to enter the interior of there office and shut down services. People denied entrance included some sort of maintenance worker who was their to do maintenance work inside the interior of the British consulate. After several discussions around the issue of the Craigavon Two with consulate officials through the internal phone system of the consulate and the promise that someone would come and talk to us about this issue various consulate security and thugs came to remove us from the building demanding to go through our cellphone under the guise that we took an illegal picture and other such nonsense. Despite the fact that we were being peaceful we were threatened with arrest and such esp when we did not let them go through our phones. These thugs threatened us with arrest next time they see us and on that note we unfurled our banner outside and handed out leaflets explaining to people the case of the Craigavon Two. The reception from pedestrians was very positive and it was quite clear that the action was successful. The issue of the Craigavon Two is quite important since two individuals have spent over six years in jail as a result of this miscarriage of justice. Those who support this issue should download the song by Pol Mac Adaim Justice for The Craigavon Two which is available on the links below

(iPhone & iPad)

(laptops & computers)

Google Play…
(Android tablets & Smart Phone’s)

The more people who download the more support will be garnished and if enough people download it the song will be played on the BBC.

For more info please check out


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