Statement from The 32CSM International Department In Solidarity With The Actions By The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front Actions In Support Of Venezuela

17 Mar

On behalf of the international department of the 32CSM we send revolutionary greetings to the people gathered here today to take a stand against this most recent aggression launched by the us imperialists against the people of Venezuela and there right to determine their own destiny. The 32csm is a grassroots movement of Irish people unified on the basis that key issue facing the irish people today is the issue of sovereignty and as such as long as britain is occupying the six counties in the north there can never be peace because the act of occupation in and of itself is violence and it is only by a full British withdrawal  allowing the Irish people themselves to become the decision-makers that peace can be restored because the conflict in and of itself is the occupation.

As such we condemn the statement of Obama calling Venezuela a threat to national security for it is the US that is a threat to the national security of Venezuela Latin America and the world. It is the US that arms the so-called peaceful protestors who are responsible for over 43 deaths and numerous arsons and other acts of terror. It is the US and there lackeys that are hoarding basic food staples and engaging in speculation for the purpose of destabilizing the economy. It is the US that has conspired with canada and the not so great britain to attempt coups to stop the Venezuelan from determining their own destiny subverting the Venezuelan people’s right to determine their own destiny and finally it is the us that has trained and armed the Columbian paramilitary that violate Venezuela boarders to carry out terrorism

Just as the source of conflict in Ireland is the British occupation so too is the source of conflict in Venezuela the capitalist and colonialist aspiration of the us to once again colonize Venezuela and punish it for choosing to determine their own destiny.

In closing the 32csm stands with the people of Venezuela against the US s victim blaming and campaign of terror against the Venezuelan people and demand that the U$ stop it’s aggression against a sovereign people.

Long live a free and united socialist Ireland

Long live the Bolivarian revolution

Long live the friendship of Venezuelan and Irish anti colonialists

TAL 32


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