No Racist Police, Thoughts On Todays Demo Against Police Violence!!!

19 Mar

Today as the Toronto Police Services Board was having there meeting a a variety of groups gathered outside the police headquarters to take a stand against racist police profiling, Police murder and the general lack of accountability from the police in Toronto in terms of racism and upholding white supremacy. The demo called by and organized by Network for The Elimination of Police Violence had a variety of speakers who are front line organizers of affected community’s including Jane and Finch Coalition Against Poverty, Black Action Defense Committee, Movement Defense Committee and The Justice For Jermaine Carby.
The Speaker from this last group was the cousin of Jermaine Carby who was shot by Peel Police Sept. 24th 2014 and her presentation demonstrated everything that is wrong with policing in this society. She talked about and dismantled the whole police narrative on the murder of her cousin and clearly exposed this police action for what it was a racist murder followed by a more racist smear campaign and cover up. Those interested in finding out more about this can check the following link

In a society where police arrest beat and murder people based on the color of their skin it is important for all who benefit from this to take a stand and condemn these action for what they are a result of white supremacist system that must be dismantled. This action was positive due to the fact that a variety of groups came together to take a stand and demand an end to police impunity,

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