Hands off Venezuela

20 Mar

Today in Toronto people took to the streets to denounce recent attacks on Venezuela lead by Obama and the United Snakes Of America. People marched outside the Venezuelan Consulate to show support for Maduro and to demand that the Canadian State not interfere in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela. This was followed by speeches from members of The Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, Toronto Forum on Cuba and the Anti Colonialist Working Group. Revolutionary greeting were also conveyed from the International Department of our comrades abroad the 32CSM. Particular attention was payed to the role of Canada and the so called great britain in assisting aiding and abetting the oppositions terror campaign which climaxed with the attempted coup against the democratically elected government of Maduro. The issue of Possada Carriles, a anti Cuban terrorist whom the US is harboring and refusing to extradite to Venezuela to stand trial was also raised as an example of how it is the US that is a threat to the southern hemisphere and not the ALBA nations. The demonstration ended with commitment from the people to continue to stand and up defend Venezuela’s right to be on a principled basis.

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