International Dept. 32CSM Statement at Community Open Forum – A Tribute to Ferguson

22 Mar

Yesterday their was a discussion and forum on the significance of Ferguson,racism and policing. In context of this discussion the issue of PAVIS and TAVIS were raised as part and parcel of the institutional racism of the police in the present society. Given the fact that the PAVIS model of so called community policing originates in The North of Ireland as a counterinsurgency model these are the thoughts they put forward

Community policing is a mask that is used by those in power to intimidate, frighten and confuse the very communities they claim to be protecting. They identified venerable people and turn them into informers through threat fear or bribery they also run the drug dealers house robbers and car thieves to keep the community frightened to stand up and fight back. By making the community feel powerless and hopeless the ruling class feel confident that they can get away with anything ,be it midnight house raids assaulting women and children, using lies and fabricated evidence to remand people into prison, this is all designed to send the message to people not to get involved in trying to improve your areas or challenging the status quo.


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