#JFTC2 Campaign in Southern Ontario kicks off with British Consulate shutdown

26 Mar

Today a small but dedicated group of members of ACWG started the #JFTC2 Campaign of intensification here by shutting down the British consulate in Toronto. This action was carried out despite heightened security measures by the British consulate aimed at stopping people from protesting intensified criminalization of Irish Republicans by the British state. At The consulate a banner was unfurled with the msg #JFTC2 and people tried to get through to consulate people who promised that someone from the Consulate would meet with them. Instead security came and removed them from the building uttering empty threats of future arrests and such. Flyers were then handed out outside the consulate which were well received by pedestrians despite more empty rhetoric from security which was trying to say that they own the sidewalk or some crap. These heightened security featrures do not stop us from getting our msg out nor from taking peaceful political action in regards to the consulate but rather are inconveniencing the people whom they claim to help those seeking consular services. As the representatives of the crown here they have an obligation to address concerns of people here about the crimes they are committing in the North of Ireland. If they choose to answer dialogue with force here it only demonstrates the type of state that they are.

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