Why is Youtube Censoring Police Brutality

27 Mar

As many who read my blog will know Greg Thornton was a victim of Police Brutality, when he tried to fight this in court through a civil suit the Judge went against evidence including video evidence and not only ruled on behalf of the police despite the problematic nature of the testimony from Police but also ruled that it is up to the police to choose what sort of violence they feel that they can use which is quite dangerous. To pour salt in the wound Waterloo Regional Police has now taken down the video of them beating up Thronton and is now threatening him to shut up. This sort of thuggish behavior of castigating thevictim and then silencing him is everything that is wrong with police here today. Take a stand and lets make this shit go viral.   This link is the letter sent to Greg By Waterllo Regional Police     im3511_20150327_210606   This is the video that was removed from youtube and that the police is trying to silence.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1xzYC5T4Ro


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