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About James Rees By: Rachelle monette

21 Apr

I helped you because Your happyness About all pushed me to the end result of anything. The truth, The road we took held down only by basic routine to hardwork and responsblitys. We had so many Consversations Broke by Seriousness then to Laugher over mindless matters or if we could make life changes for the future.The one I remember Most was on a parking garage you ran after me up many flights in Market sqaure to the top when i got angery at my own first attempt on my own to get off the streets into my own place. When you sat with me I asked you to leave me alone so I could hide from the world And myself. Instead you seeked to give me advice from his own Experience’s in life. James Read my Actions As I was finally calming down enough to talk and you promised to protect me from hurting myself future and my Vented anger to help me in my struggle to gain a life back for my daughter, Just to get by. When he saw I finally Saw throught his eyes to the Real James he Picked me up and hugged me for long period of time. From that day me and him fought each other Hidden truths in are historys of being on the streets to fears, people, Phobias, Bad drunk moments or weakness for drugs. His fear was a hard thing for me to sometimes hear in his voice when he talked to me about his mental health Struggle And how long he could not
stand injusticfied legal issues on going in the community involving himself and his body, Also in the hospital visits over numorous years. He thought the thoughts he had was enough for me to want to Take off and leave him or get in a fight what him, That all that we tryed to talk about was just flat lining. we met a few times before he passed away and we walked to the back of camera heights to the far side of the field to a quite area we he was drinking. As he told me about what was happening to him I would read his Reactions In his face and it would scare his that I was listening to what he said and not leaving Listening to scaryest moments to the happyiest till he was able to smile.
He gave back trust and seemed Enlightened of his problems in his mind Healing. Me and him were getting a one bedroom apartment then his passing came, he gave me a note when we first met back up when he came back to kitchener that stated words of moving forward and The memorys that you have that are good to always keep them and storys that I told him always he liked to hear because he was reminded of Good points in his life. That importance was what kept him going. He saw in his mind Much Complication and fear But over all He alway prevailed and He loved his son with great Comprehention and understanding he wanted so much more for him he held him closest to his heart and his Family was his greatest love.He wanted to find someone to love, I told him Family and your stability in life will always come first. That you can be yourself as long as you dont alway worry uf theres to much confusion going on. Live, Love and give yourself something to also remember it would be people who changed parts of his life for him that brought change in him. Stuff he forgot sometimes and make a fresh start. He managed to quit for a bit before in order for are accomlishments, are goals to work we exceeded are own thoughts of are ownselves in few weeks. He Changed Whom I believe My past throws at me.Im happy I met him and was apart of his life In a way that We both at apoint saw thru each others eyes.
Rachelle Monette

Speeches from rally against Harpers state terror Legislation

20 Apr

people in Kitchener say no to Harpers state terror law and demand that Bill C 51 not pass

18 Apr

Today a variety of groups including Fair Vote Canada and Members of The NDP and The Green Party joined Anti Colonial Working Group in demanding that the state back down and not ram through the so called anti terror bill being pushed through the house of commons by the conservatives. The event began with speakers that addressed a variety of issues including the impact of the bill on civil liberties, Indigenous Sovereignty, the demonization of Islam and the legitimization and normalization of the criminalization of dissent. The impact of similar legislation in the North of Ireland was discussed with particular attention being payed to the cases of the Craigavon Two, Christine Connor and Marian Price and how legislation similar to this was used and is being used to create miscarriages of justices and criminalize political views.

Attention was also payed to the role of the state in exploiting vulnerable people and entrapping them in terrorist plots created by the state to legitimize the criminalization of dissent, like the recent case in BC with a couple who instead of being given the help and support that they needed were encouraged and entrapped by the state to carry out a so called act of terror. With CSIS being given special powers speakers felt that these sort of dirty operations would be codified and legalized and then become the norm.

After a variety of speakers spoke people started marching and chanting a variety of slogans only to be confronted by police stating that by marching on the street the demonstration was illegal. However people held their ground and marched on. This is quite peculiar since many demonstrations that occur in Kitchener have people marching on the street yet only this one was targeted by the police in this manner. Why is this the case? Is the police being somewhat bias targeting this specific demonstration due to its message? Some feel that this is an example of the political policing that is now becoming the norm and comments were made that even though the bill has not been passed yet police are acting as if it has and instead of doing their job are acting like the private force of the conservative party.

As a result of this people marched to the farmers market and started to leaflet as well as give speeches and despite the fact that this property is owned by the city demonstrators were told to leave. Holding their ground demonstrators pointed out the irony that they are told that marching on the street is illegal then when they go on city property that too is seen as illegal. As well if the distribution of political material is illegal on city property why were the auxiliary of the armed forces allowed to sell poppy’s their in military uniform?

Demonstrators then marched to speakers corner where people discussed Harper’s agenda and a member of the green party spoke. This was followed by discussion on foreign policy particularly around Venezuela, with one speaker pointing out that it is not the Venezuelan military that is gunning down youth in Toronto and Kitchener but rather the Canadian police force. The fact that the IDF is training police and active in Hamilton was also raised and a correlation was drawn between this and the behavior of police.

The demonstration ended at city hall with people vowing that if the state is going to follow a policy of normalizing repression we have an obligation to normalize resistance and intensify our strugglle against the criminalization of our right to be political.

Protest and action to Raise minimum wage

16 Apr

Today a group of people spearheaded by Alliance Against Poverty held a rally at Waterloo Town Square demanding a raise to minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. Speakers included Richard Walsh Bower, the green party candidate, Mark Xuereb from the labor council, Gary Thompson from Workers Action Center and myself. Speakers focused on the need to have a minimum wage that took workers out of poverty, which the current minimum wage does not do and build unity between all sectors under attack. This was followed by a private action of several people entering Mc Donalds with signs demanding a raise to minimum wage and flyers. Flyers were handed out inside the Mc Donalds and people held their ground until after the police was called. This small action is a taste of things to come.

Info Picket Against Bill C 51 (Harper’s so called anti terror law) April 18th

10 Apr

11:00 am
Kitchener City Hall
April 18th

Despite widespread opposition to Harper’s so called anti terror bill, Harper is pushing forward this peace of legislation which aims at criminalizing dissent and although this legislation will effect all it will specifically be used to target native peoples just struggle for self determination, muslims and immigrants. As such all should take a stand in defense of the rights of all!!!!

Shoot a kid its an accident….pour red goo on a statue THATS A CRIME!!!!!

9 Apr

Yesterday I posted a video that was on facebook and youtube of an individual pouring a red blood like substance on the statue of the Lion and the Lamb outside of the police station. Under the description it states that a copy of the record article on the murder of Beau Baker was placed underneath with the words de-escalation circled. I posted not as an endorsement or condemnation but simply because people have the right to know what is going as well as the recent comments of the Waterloo Regional Police on this political action.

Apparently this ruffled some feathers and certain nefarious forces would like to have a few words with me which is fine if they want to chat they know where to find me but the reality is I have nothing to say.

The comments that I am referring to about this incident is what I would really like to focus on though, which is that the police is having an active investigation to lay charges of mischief on whomever did this act of protest and denouncing this act as violent. A youth was shot several times by police shortly after they arrived to deal with a mental health crisis, this youth is dead and despite the fact that the police used lethal force to deal with a mental health crisis the officer involved in on the street carrying a gun days after the incident. We the public are told to suspend judgment until the end of the SIU investigation and this action that resulted in the loss of a life is presented as a tragedy.

Meanwhile someone pours some sort of red goo, which could probably be washed off like chalk (as it does not look like paint etc.) and the police have already criminalized whomever did this as a vandal, criminal and violent despite the fact that he did not hurt anyone or cause damage to anything and there is an active investigation to find out whom this is. If the police find this individual he will probably be charged with mischief, arrested either given a promise to appear with conditions violating his various rights or will be held in custody until he is either released on his own recognizance or given bail with conditions.

Ironically and as a side note the Chief of Police just tweeted yesterday that their will be no push for arming front line officers with tasers despite the fact that the whole narrative that they are pushing is that this loss of life is a result of police not having non lethal tools as opposed to the reality which is that police used force to deal with a mental health issue with devastating results. This move by the Chief of Police demonstrates that either the narrative put forward is totally wrong or to the police money is worth more than preventing similar tragedy’s, both of wish are really not good.

The moral of the story though is that to police taking a life is an accident or a tragedy or something along those lines where the presumption is that the officer in question who is currently walking the streets with a gun days after taking a life is given every single break where as whomever dumped the fakeblood is a criminal vandal etc. and will be criminalized to the full extent of the law. Regardless of whatever view I have on this action this response from the police truly shows where their priorities lie

The Lion and the Lamb

8 Apr