Report On Yesterdays Commemoration for the 1916 Easter Uprising

6 Apr

Yesterday people from Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, ACWG, and The PRAC participated in a commemoration for the 1916 Easter Uprising. The event started with a opening by a Mohawk woman who did a traditional opening and giving thanks. This was followed by a member ACWG acknowledging the territory’s as well as giving an amazing speech discussing the lead up to 1916 and the creation of the diasphora as well as the impact of partion which are still felt today by the occupation of the six counties and creation of the free state further strengthened by the GFA. A msg from the 32CSM was then read and this was followed by a speech from a member of The PRAC about the necessity of revolutionary politics. A member of the HCPDF then gave an very good speech about what was going on in Venezuela as well as revolutionary greetings to those still resisting in the North. The event ended with a speech about the need for resisting colonialism and imperialism here and abroad and defending all those who are engaging in struggle for self determination with a focus on the impacts of the current institutions of aggression of the anglo imperialist alliance and a strong stance was taken condemning the United Snakes executive order against Venezuela.


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