people in Kitchener say no to Harpers state terror law and demand that Bill C 51 not pass

18 Apr

Today a variety of groups including Fair Vote Canada and Members of The NDP and The Green Party joined Anti Colonial Working Group in demanding that the state back down and not ram through the so called anti terror bill being pushed through the house of commons by the conservatives. The event began with speakers that addressed a variety of issues including the impact of the bill on civil liberties, Indigenous Sovereignty, the demonization of Islam and the legitimization and normalization of the criminalization of dissent. The impact of similar legislation in the North of Ireland was discussed with particular attention being payed to the cases of the Craigavon Two, Christine Connor and Marian Price and how legislation similar to this was used and is being used to create miscarriages of justices and criminalize political views.

Attention was also payed to the role of the state in exploiting vulnerable people and entrapping them in terrorist plots created by the state to legitimize the criminalization of dissent, like the recent case in BC with a couple who instead of being given the help and support that they needed were encouraged and entrapped by the state to carry out a so called act of terror. With CSIS being given special powers speakers felt that these sort of dirty operations would be codified and legalized and then become the norm.

After a variety of speakers spoke people started marching and chanting a variety of slogans only to be confronted by police stating that by marching on the street the demonstration was illegal. However people held their ground and marched on. This is quite peculiar since many demonstrations that occur in Kitchener have people marching on the street yet only this one was targeted by the police in this manner. Why is this the case? Is the police being somewhat bias targeting this specific demonstration due to its message? Some feel that this is an example of the political policing that is now becoming the norm and comments were made that even though the bill has not been passed yet police are acting as if it has and instead of doing their job are acting like the private force of the conservative party.

As a result of this people marched to the farmers market and started to leaflet as well as give speeches and despite the fact that this property is owned by the city demonstrators were told to leave. Holding their ground demonstrators pointed out the irony that they are told that marching on the street is illegal then when they go on city property that too is seen as illegal. As well if the distribution of political material is illegal on city property why were the auxiliary of the armed forces allowed to sell poppy’s their in military uniform?

Demonstrators then marched to speakers corner where people discussed Harper’s agenda and a member of the green party spoke. This was followed by discussion on foreign policy particularly around Venezuela, with one speaker pointing out that it is not the Venezuelan military that is gunning down youth in Toronto and Kitchener but rather the Canadian police force. The fact that the IDF is training police and active in Hamilton was also raised and a correlation was drawn between this and the behavior of police.

The demonstration ended at city hall with people vowing that if the state is going to follow a policy of normalizing repression we have an obligation to normalize resistance and intensify our strugglle against the criminalization of our right to be political.


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