About James Rees By: Rachelle monette

21 Apr

I helped you because Your happyness About all pushed me to the end result of anything. The truth, The road we took held down only by basic routine to hardwork and responsblitys. We had so many Consversations Broke by Seriousness then to Laugher over mindless matters or if we could make life changes for the future.The one I remember Most was on a parking garage you ran after me up many flights in Market sqaure to the top when i got angery at my own first attempt on my own to get off the streets into my own place. When you sat with me I asked you to leave me alone so I could hide from the world And myself. Instead you seeked to give me advice from his own Experience’s in life. James Read my Actions As I was finally calming down enough to talk and you promised to protect me from hurting myself future and my Vented anger to help me in my struggle to gain a life back for my daughter, Just to get by. When he saw I finally Saw throught his eyes to the Real James he Picked me up and hugged me for long period of time. From that day me and him fought each other Hidden truths in are historys of being on the streets to fears, people, Phobias, Bad drunk moments or weakness for drugs. His fear was a hard thing for me to sometimes hear in his voice when he talked to me about his mental health Struggle And how long he could not
stand injusticfied legal issues on going in the community involving himself and his body, Also in the hospital visits over numorous years. He thought the thoughts he had was enough for me to want to Take off and leave him or get in a fight what him, That all that we tryed to talk about was just flat lining. we met a few times before he passed away and we walked to the back of camera heights to the far side of the field to a quite area we he was drinking. As he told me about what was happening to him I would read his Reactions In his face and it would scare his that I was listening to what he said and not leaving Listening to scaryest moments to the happyiest till he was able to smile.
He gave back trust and seemed Enlightened of his problems in his mind Healing. Me and him were getting a one bedroom apartment then his passing came, he gave me a note when we first met back up when he came back to kitchener that stated words of moving forward and The memorys that you have that are good to always keep them and storys that I told him always he liked to hear because he was reminded of Good points in his life. That importance was what kept him going. He saw in his mind Much Complication and fear But over all He alway prevailed and He loved his son with great Comprehention and understanding he wanted so much more for him he held him closest to his heart and his Family was his greatest love.He wanted to find someone to love, I told him Family and your stability in life will always come first. That you can be yourself as long as you dont alway worry uf theres to much confusion going on. Live, Love and give yourself something to also remember it would be people who changed parts of his life for him that brought change in him. Stuff he forgot sometimes and make a fresh start. He managed to quit for a bit before in order for are accomlishments, are goals to work we exceeded are own thoughts of are ownselves in few weeks. He Changed Whom I believe My past throws at me.Im happy I met him and was apart of his life In a way that We both at apoint saw thru each others eyes.
Rachelle Monette


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