Anti Colonial Working Group Message of Solidarity To Uhuru and IPLP Event Tonight

1 May

Revolutionary greetings to our comrades and guests here from the Uhuru movement and Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party. We are happy that tonight on May 1st we can participate in this event and stand with you who are struggling for what is rightful yours, an end to theft of indigenous land and the dismantling of a society based on white supremacy and might makes right. Despite the political changes that have happened over the last several decades it is a shame that police can still with impunity take a persons life because of the color of their skin and not only avoid consequences but be applauded by a significant portion of society. The fact that this goes on on a regular basis is a perfect example of how the key issue of racism and colonialism have not been dealt with nor has the white supremacist nature of society challenged or dismantled. Any state that values windows more then human lives is a failed state and as such must be opposed. We stand with you today because the fact of the matter is that this is stolen land built by slavery and theft of resources and until that issue is addressed and rectified there can be no moving forward. We of the anti colonialist working group applaud both the IPLP and the Uhuru movement for addressing this key issue which is the issue of sovereignty and political self determination not in an abstract way but in a concrete tangible way. Self Determination means the rights of all nations to determine their own destiny without interference from outsiders whose role is to unconditionally support regardless of what ones own political thoughts are on this issue. We thank those who have come to hear this and wish success to todays meeting and the consolidation of the IPLP here in Kitchener and this territory.


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