32CSM message read at meeting with Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party and The Uhuru movement

2 May

Friends and comrades;

Over the course of history people across the globe have become victim to oppressive governments, through their policy of occupation, capitalism, imperialism and colonialism.

In Canada the world watches on while the indigenous people are treated with contempt, the contempt shown to the indigenous people of Canada is clear to see, through over policing and under protecting the indigenous communities, the native community is being slowly eradicated by the Harper government.

From kidnapping and disappearance to murder and rape, the indigenous people are suffering, this is genocidal violence personified.

What is most frightening about this abuse of power is the clear fact that women, girls and transgender people are being targeted by the Canadian government through their police force.

For example in British Columbia on the so called “Highway Of Tears” Highway 16, there has been 18 reported disappearances of Indigenous women over several decades, coupled with these reports there is an alarming reports of police brutality, it is clear to see that the Harper government is targeting the indigenous people to eradicate them.

As the native people in Canada suffer on a daily basis, we have seen the upsurge of violence against the African-American community in the United States Of America.

The American police have caused an uprising within the African-American community by their willingness to produce their side arms and pull the trigger. These actions coupled with sheer brutality have spurred a generation to rise up and face down those who seek to harm them.

In Baltimore in recent days the African-American community have come together to stand up to a racially motivated police force after the brutal death of Freddie Gray. After suffering a death so horrific the African-American community rallied to defend the name of Freddie Gray and to seek justice from those who caused his death.

This is nothing new in America however. The Native American population has been erased through generations of murder and genocide.
The African-American community are now suffering what hundreds of thousands have suffered before, a racially motivated war against them at the hands of an oppressive government, enforced through the police by the use of lethal force.

In Ireland, Irish Republicans and Nationalists suffer at the hands of a foreign government on a daily basis.

In the occupied six counties of Ireland, it can be seen on a daily basis when Republicans have the door to their homes kicked in, their families abused and intimidated by a sectarian military police force.

Children have been held at gun point, beaten and verbally abused while their Mother’s and Father’s are traumatized by the forces of occupation. It is an undeniable fact in Ireland that if you do not accept British occupation and rule that you will be targeted.

In Ireland the process of normalization is in full swing, those who do not conform to British rule are targeted, imprisoned and interned by remand.

Just like in Canada and America, Irish men and women have suffered for not accepting illegal occupation. In occupied Ireland there are political prisoners of war, incarcerated on spurious charges, with no trial date set, they are condemned to a prison cell for refusing to accept the occupation of their country.

Over the past 800 years Irish men and women, just like their brothers and sisters in Canada and America have suffered torture, murder, rape and discrimination.

In modern day occupied Ireland, we have yet another miscarriage of justice.

This time two men have been sentenced to life imprisonment for an alleged role in a murder of a police man.

These two men, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton, who have become known as the Craigavon Two have been tried and sentenced in an illegal dip lock British court, without any evidence being provided against them.

Friends we can only be victorious if we support each other in our on going plights. Let us go away from here tonight and pledge to forge links with like minded groups around the globe, let us stand up and fight for the liberation of our people and our lands.

Beir Bua.

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