Conservative Office Taken Over To Oppose BillC51

4 May

On May 4th, 2015 members of “Citizens of KW Concerned With Bill C51” took over conservative MP Peter Braids office for 2 and a half hours. After which a banner was dropped in the economic district of Waterloo. Both of these actions were carried out in opposition to The Harper Governments “Anti Terrorism Legislation.” which is being voted on in parliament today. If passed Bill C51 will be read before the Senate in the near future. Protestors feel that this bill will destroy peoples civil liberties, along with normalizing the criminalization of dissent. “From native soveriegnty to the environment and political activists being silenced, The Harper Governments “Anti Terrorism Legislation” will only further islamaphobia and other marginalization of the already vulnerable communities.” Cheryl (Protestor). This bill, C51 is modelled after the UK Anti Terrorism Act, since being passed in 2001 people in Ireland have been targeted, arrested, and tortured simply for their political views. Some examples include Marian Price, who has been held for 2 years without charge, 9 months of which were served in an all mens jail. The Craigavon Two, who are unjustly convicted and serving life scentences for a crime they did not commit. Despite proven evidence tampering, uncredible witnesses, and MI5 intimidation, anfd no concrete evidence linking the two to the crime or the scene of the crime, as a result of secret evidence and non jury diplock courts. Most recently Dee Fennell was arrested under this law for simply quoting someone in a speech. “simply by sharing a facebook status, news, or political opinion you could be arrested, intimidated or worse and in a free and open democracy this Bill is an assault on all of our Rights.” Those interested in joining the fight against Bill C51 we will be holding a meeting at the Queen Street Commons this wednesday, May 6th at 6 PM. for anyone interested in victims of the 2001 Anti Terrorism Law and other POW’s please go to


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