Francie Mackey 32CSM Chair Address to Venezuelan Consulate and Public meeting in Kitchener

14 May

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades,
It is an honour to speak with you this evening and to express our solidarity with you in your endeavours in opposing proposed legislation which is designed to impact on your civil liberties and freedom.

To the imperialist, concepts such as law and justice are nothing more than instruments to secure their grip on power. The basic ethos of imperialism is that those who are governed are inferior to those who govern and as such the idea of equality throughout society becomes an objective to resist at all costs.

This inherent belief of superiority within imperialism has manifested itself throughout history and invariably has culminated in wars wherein the people of no property are sent to their slaughter and the same imperialist aggressors divide up the spoils.

This cycle of imperial conflict has been the dominant political trait for centuries. The last one hundred years has the ignoble claim of being the most violent century ever. Mechanised slaughter on an unprecedented scale has resulted in the deaths of multi millions and the displacement and impoverishment of multi millions more.

Imperialism has thrived on conflict both in terms of the arms industry and the appropriation of natural resources. Indigenous peoples have been reduced to nothing more than pawns in the power games of imperial political and financial entities.

As we look back on the killing fields of Iraq we can invoke the wisdom of Plato when he said ‘only the dead have seen the end of war’.
Imperialists rule by fear; the fear of violence, the fear of coercion, the fear of poverty and the fear of fear itself.
Those who resist this, in whatever guise, are invariably labelled ‘terrorists’. Where no ‘enemy’ exists imperialism needs to invent one.

Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq will surely go down in history as the most obscene invention of all leading to the annihilation of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and the devastation of that ancient country.

This need to invent spurious threats has also been the mainstay of the relationship between imperialism and the law. All societies need law but laws and the administration of justice are first and foremost concerned will the well being of citizens.

The well being of citizens is best served by the cultivation of freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. These in themselves are the greatest safeguards against threats to them because through the exercising of these rights evolves a system of governance predicated on these rights.

Imperialism has also manifested itself in economic terms which are no less controlling than military dictatorships. Forcing people into debt is a potent form of control. Indebtedness is the new enslavement. It not only enslaves individuals but individual countries also.

False campaigns like those seeking to cancel third world debt are merely a device to redefine that debt as opposed to addressing the basic underlying cause of economic exploitation of less developed nations.

The current European banking crisis has brought this economic imperialism into sharp focus. Those that caused the crisis, both in political and financial spheres, are the same forces who are at the forefront of forcing austerity on ordinary citizens to offset monetary losses to a tiny elite.

Media control is also a prime concern for imperialism. Throughout the world immensely influential news agencies are under the control of financial moguls whose sole purpose is to deliver a narrative to justify laws and actions implemented to preserve imperial privilege.

These agencies were also the propaganda mouthpieces for imperialist governments who sought wars and also to undermine legitimate governments who stood in the way of their international agendas.

From Iraq to Venezuela, from the Middle East to Afghanistan the mark of imperialism is a bloodstain on their national fabric.

And as citizens react to this oppression, as they exercise their rights to freedom of conscience and freedom of speech they are labelled as threats to the established order.

And in the name of national security and the protection of democracy laws and censorship are introduced to control and misrepresent these expressions of opposition.

The history of imperialism in Ireland is a microcosm of the history of imperialism throughout the world. Ireland was subjugated by the British Empire for centuries. Imperialist laws were practiced in Ireland as a test bed for similar laws in other subjugated countries.

Even within the last fifty years laws in the Six occupied Counties of Ireland received the notorious praise from the apartheid regime in South Africa.

Sectarian discrimination was no less repugnant than racial discrimination but both had the same objective of oppressing opposition to oppressive regimes.

So called democratic countries can exercise oppression and denial of basic rights as any dictatorship. And the common theme in such oppression is that rights are best protected by limiting the exercising of them.

To all citizens throughout the world the message from Ireland is this; your greatest weapon is the exercising of freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. This will have consequences but the consequences for not doing so are far more grave.

As we leave this discussion tonight may I extend solidarity with you in your quest to protect your rights and we thank you for your support to the Irish people in their challenge to the violation of Irish National Sovereignty.

Our long struggle for freedom has experienced the unjust laws aimed at criminalising our people, the special non jury courts, arrests and harassment by British policing in Ireland. More recent legislation allows arrest based on what we say in opposition to the colonial power here and so the criminalisation policy continues.

We believe by working towards unity of purpose globally we can uphold our rights to freedom of speech, freedom to express civil liberties and freedom to National self determination.

Solidarity is key.

Many thanks again for having me participate in your discussions.


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