Public Meeting in Defense of Venezuela and Self Determination a Success

14 May

On May 13th ACWG welcomed the Venezuelan Consulate Marth Pardo De Marquez to Kitchener to participate in a public meeting in defense of Venezuela and against imperialism. The event started with Francis Makey of the 32CSM addressing the meeting and discussing the nature of imperialism and the contradictions between imperialism and human rights. He continued to point out the nature of the so called anti terrorist legislation in Ireland and how it is a tool to use to crush the just aspirations of the Irish people to determine their own destiny. The next speaker was a comrade from the local committee to bring justice for the disappeared students in Mexico. The event continued with Anna De Carlo from the MLPC giving a picture of the nature of the attack on Venezuela and a call for principled relations between all nations. Francis Makey then answered questions about how special legislation is being used by the crown forces to stifle free expression and implement human rights abuses, which is Ironic given that they are actually committing the slanders that they level at Venezuela. The event ended with a comrade from the Indigenous Peoples Liberation Party talking about their struggles and gave brave salutes to the struggle of the Venezuelan people as well as condemned the attacks on Venezuela. The event ended with special thanks from the Venezuelan Consulate and good wishes to all struggling for a better world,


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