From Belfast to Palestine Resisting Occupation, Report on Sundays event

19 May

On Sunday the group Sunday Poetry At Ellingtons had a variety of speakers and poets take a stand against colonialism imperialism and political prisoners of the empire. Speakers came from a variety of groups including Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front, Toronto Forum on Cuba, Anti Colonial Working Group and others. The event started with a hereditary Mohawk Chief talking about colonialism on this territory the destruction brought on by capitalism the need to fight for self determination as well as the importance of nation to nation relations between the Haudenosaunee people at Six Nations and the Venezuelans.

Anna De Carlo From the MLPC discussed the new state terror laws, there implications and the need for us to create organization so that no one is declared illegal or criminalized by state on the basis of there right to hold politics and participate in the polity.

A speaker from Toronto Forum on Cuba also spoke of the attacks on the Cuban people by the Anglo Imperialist state, Cubas international solidarity in the face of imperialist war and aggression and the need for all political prisoners to be free particularly Peltier, Mumia and others in the belly of the beast.

A member of Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front went into the history of the colonialist project in Latin America and the resistance.

The 32CSM Vice Chair Joe Dillon raised the issue of the occupation in the Six Counties in the historical context of all nations right to determine their own destiny and the violation of international law committed by the British through the continued occupation. He further talked about the policy of normalization being implemented by the British and their lackeys and the right of all people to resist this occupation. He talked about the violence that prisoners receive as part and parcel of the violence that all Irish people receive by the very nature of the occupation and pointed out that it was the British that introduced the gun in Irish politics and until that contradiction is resolved there will not be peace because occupation by its very nature is violence.

Poetry Music and culture was also used in this celebration for resistance and the event was well received.


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