Liberal Cowards flee from just demands of protestors

22 May

Today members of the Spot Collective joined others across the province to demand that the provincial Liberals deal with the poverty that they have created. This campaign know as raise the rates has the following demands.

• Suspend the ODSP medical reviews that are now underway until a properly functioning computer system is in place and the backlog of people waiting to be moved from OW to ODSP has been cleared. Make the reviews simpler and less intrusive and ensure all who face them have been properly notified and provided with the medical and advocacy services they nee to complete the process.

• Stop the elimination of the $100 a month work related benefit for people on ODSP

• Scrap the SAMS computer system as a failure that continues to impose misery and hardship on people on social assistance and creates intolerable conditions for ODSP and OW workers.

• Fully restore the Special Diet and Community Start Up (CSUMB) so that people in poverty can have the chance of eating a healthy diet and remaining housed

• Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour and respect the right of all to living wages.

• Restore social assistance rates to the real level that existed prior to the 1995 cut, which amounts to a 55% increase in current rates for both OW and ODSP recipients.

When we went to the Kitchener office instead of meeting or talking with us they closed the office for the day which was fine with us, we redecorated the office with our flyers and such and then decided to go to the cambridge office to deal deal with this issue. The cowards at the cambridge office hid but we kept on ringing the bell getting friends to call and make our presence known. The Police was called to remove us but we did not leave. Instead we demanded to speak to someone. When the coward came out we told him why we were there and that we were not leaving. He said it was the buildings policy to remove protestors being more of a coward and not taking responsibility for asking the police to remove us. It was clear to the police that we were principled and arrest did not scare us. After staying there for quite some time it became clear that the police were not to comfortable arresting us and instead tried to reason with us. The day ended with us serving free food and handing out flyers at City hall.

It is clear that petitioning the Liberals or begging for enough to live on is not working. Our strategy is not to beg for crumbs off the table but rather deepen the contradictions until a solution that benefits the people is reached. We will intensify our campaign of economic disruption like we did when Milloy was minister of misery (aka social serves) and if we cannot get what we need to live we will make it so that they and there Beurocracy cant function. This is not an ideal threat but rather something that has been done before and will be done again. Through economic disruption we will fight through economic disruption we will win. Stopping the ability of two Liberal offices from functioning in one day is just the start,


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