Perjury Charge Moved to June 18th Support Greg Thornton

28 May

The Pre Enquette to hear evidence to lay perjury charges against Const.Dietrich was moved to June 18th due to the fact that there was a need for an out of town crown who was not available. The reason for the out of town crown was because for a local crown to press charges against an officer of the Waterloo Region would be a conflict of interest.

This is very interesting given the fact that a conflict of interest was not declared during Greg Thornton’s Lawsuit, nor was a conflict of interest declared when the judge declared that the police officers testimony was declared fit by a judge in the region despite the fact that it contradicted video evidence.

Tommorrow Greg Thornton is going to court to launch his appeal one wonders will conflict of interest be taken as a srious arguement tommorrow or was it just a stalling tactic to delay justice?


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