People in Kitchener take to the streets to protest Bill C 51

29 May

Today people in Kitchener met in Montgomery Park to talk about Bill C 51 and take action. The first person who spoke discussed the history of the bill and examples of similar bills and how they were used by the state to criminalize dissent. Direct contrast was made between this bill and the UK anti terror act. Examples were given of how parts of that bill which are the same as Bill C 51 were used to criminalize everyone from Marian Price to Dee Fennel. The second speaker talked about how surveillance has increased since her political involvement and her association with well known activists, as well as the need for unity to stop this bill which will be used to criminalize those who are taking a stand in defense of the environment and our right to clean water and food. Several other speakers talked about how this bill will be used to consolidate power for those in party especially as a result of the constitutional crisis, the creation of the cartel model of political parties sans riding associations and bases of support, and the general lack of concern that professional politicians show towards the will of the people.

After speakers people took to the streets marching from Montgomery Park where the hiway enters the city to Victoria Park which is past the downtown of the city. This long march took place on the road despite police fuckery and a few idiots who tried to hit people with cars.

An intersection was the taken and protesters held it down to the dismay of the state forces who were helpless to stop this.

The march ended in Victoria Park where a BBQ was held and announcements were made for how people can get involved.

This event was quite successful as it both created community and resistance. With the vote in the senate taking place tomorrow actions like this are important so as to show that despite the states attempts to criminalize the just desires to determine there own destiny, people will resist.


2 Responses to “People in Kitchener take to the streets to protest Bill C 51”

  1. Scott V. Green Sr. May 29, 2015 at 2:02 am #

    We together need to do everything in our legal power to stop this bill c-51. I Am so happy what I read and hope we all can work together to defeat this bill. I read senator Mitchell,s speech yesterday and the reasons he cannot support the bill,, he made several legal points and he is right when he talks about this bill. We need to contact our senators before the final vote next week!!

  2. waterlooregionadvocate June 6, 2015 at 5:48 pm #

    More likely if you ignore injustice and social problems and continue always looking the other way you will have nothing to worry about.

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