Training Session on State Investor Arbitration in the Chevron Ecuador Case a success

8 Jun

On Saturday June 6th Author and Specialist on State Investor Arbitration Gus Van Harten did a presentation on the history of state investor arbitration as a tool for neo colonialism in terms of bi lateral agreements with a focus on the current political struggle in Ecuador to hold Chevron accountable for the damage that they have committed to the lands and people that inhabit the areas destroyed by Chevron pollution.

The workshop began by talking about the role bi lateral treaties played in codifying and legalizing the theft of resources from nations throwing off the shackles of colonialism. Through setting up laws that defend colonialist plunder through opposing land reforms, nationalization of resources that should be state owned as a result of the importance they play in economic sovereignty and defending wealth and profit at the expense of people political will, these trade agreements and acts are used as a method of continuing the exploitation of these nations without a huge colonialist presence.

The workshop continued by examining in particular the case of Chevron vs the affected communities and the state of Ecuador and how arbitration is being used as a way of denying the people of Ecuador justice and sovereignty.

The workshop developed this topic by showing the dirty tricks played by Chevron and the role that these agreements play in rejecting the will of the people of Ecuador to have a clean environment and co0ntrol over the role that corporations are playing in resource extraction and pollution.

The workshop ended with groups planing strategies to support the Ecuadorians fighting to hold Chevron responsible for the damage that they caused to the environment and habitat of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador.

All in all people felt that alot was accomplished through this workshop as people now educated can go back to their community and educate others as a first step in organizing.


One Response to “Training Session on State Investor Arbitration in the Chevron Ecuador Case a success”

  1. M.L. June 8, 2015 at 10:31 pm #

    Reblogged this on Le blog d'un libre penseur révolutionnaire and commented:
    Every struggle is important for the working class struggle. But that one is such important that entire world might get accountable because it is planet matter. In other words, our survival depend how far natives people will go in their struggle against capitalists to defend and protect our land.

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