Joey Bornino The person who ratted on Greg Thornton.

11 Jun

Police would not have the power nor capacity to do harm to the cause without police informants who provide them with information, testimony and intelligence to carry out their dirty deeds. As such their is nothing more despicable then rat or an informant who sides with the state and throws his comrades in jail.In the case of Joey Bornino when police went to Conestoga College to interview people about the description of the clothing taken from the CCTV camera of the person who drenched the lion and lamb statue outside the police station he pointed out to the police that it was his fellow classmate who had those clothing and wrote a statement in which he condemned his fellow classmate with criminal charges. Despite the fact that this action was a political protest of the murder of a person by police he chose to side with the state and criminalize his so called friend and classmate. One might argue that Bornino was not political and as such when questioned by police broke and spilled his guts out but the truth of the situation is that many of our friends lovers and family are constantly harassed and intimidated by police and have their lives fucked up by the state and yet they do not break. Bornino was simply interrogated about the clothing that someone was wearing he could have used his right to remain silent, he could have called a lawyer he could have refused to be questioned or he could have lied and said he did not recognize the clothing (maybe that is what he did, he lied and said he recognized the clothing in the cctv footage to give him self a sense of importance). In any case he was in no danger from the police and options were open to him. Despite that he chose to give information to the police acting as their agent. I would say he was a confidential informant but that would be a lie as it is quite clear that the state does not give a fuck about him and allow him to be thrown under a bus so that they can get a conviction, This should be a lesson to all rats THE STATE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND WILL LET YOU HANG OUT TO DRY. IN OTHER WORDS THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM THROWING YOU UNDER THE BUS.

In any case dont just take my word you could give Joey a call and ask him why he ratted his number is 226 971 1164 or msg him on facebook

In any case it must be clear we cannot tolerate informants in our community and people have a right to know so that they dont get set up or entrapped.


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